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Pioneer is a Japanese brand founded by Mr Nozomu Matsumoto back in 1938 as a speaker making company. In the initial days of the brand, Mr Nozomu Matsumoto used to assemble and design speakers in his garage. Pioneer has now become a global leader and a gold standard in-car audio products. The same brand developed the consumer LaserDisc in 1979, car CD player in 1984, GPS car navigation in 1990, DVD-Video player in 1996,  high definition plasma display in 1997 and organic electroluminescent (OEL) display in 1997. 


Pioneer has consistently developed technology that is ahead of its time. Through the years, Pioneer has also expanded its product range. The brand also offers professional DJ and music-making equipment like players, mixers, controllers, turntables, TORAIZ music production system, monitor speakers and headphones. In addition, Pioneer is currently offering products like infotainment screens/stereos, car speakers, car subwoofers, car amplifiers and sound processors, and other accessories in the car accessories segment. 


Every year Pioneer allocates 7% of its total revenues in research and development, which has been the main reason for Pioneer's success over the years. It is a long list when trying to track the other innovations Pioneer has delivered to the consumer markets over the years since its inception. In June 1962, the brand introduced the world's first separate stereo system. In September 1984, the world's first LD/CD compatible player was introduced by the brand. In June 1990, the world's first CD-based GPS car navigation system was introduced. In October 1992, Pioneer introduced the world's first 4x speed CD-ROM changer. Finally, 1997 was a significant year for Pioneer as the brand introduced the world's first DVD-R drive, the world's first OLED-equipped car audio product and the world's first 50-inch high-definition XGA plasma display for consumer use.


Most of the production activities of the brand Pioneer takes place in Japan in its leading production site. The brand launched Pioneer India in the year 2008. Most of Pioneer's business in India is derived from selling DVD systems, car audio products, home entertainment systems, car infotainment screens, and speakers. The products from the brand have been endorsed by acclaimed celebrities and movie artists in India as well. 


Pioneer was also involved in the invention of interactive cable TV, the LaserDisc player, the first automotive Compact Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD and DVD recording, the first AV receiver with Dolby Digital, plasma display (the last two years of plasma models were branded as Kuro, lauded for their outstanding black levels), and Organic LED display (OLED). The company is the biggest manufacturer and seller of optical disc and display technologies and software products. BV, Volkswagen Group, BMW, and Daimler AG of Germany purchased a 3% ownership position in Pioneer through a partnership business. It's been nearly 70 years, and still, Pioneer is the best brand in its category.

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Pioneer's diverse range of auto accessory products consists of car audio and visual items. This entrusted brand provides premium quality speakers, amplifiers, and Android infotainment screens among others. The most popular and best-selling Pioneer car accessories are available at GoMechanic at the best prices.
The multimedia car screens manufactured by Pioneer are designed to minimize distraction while being on the road. They come with advanced features, including quick Bluetooth connectivity and instant touch response. GoMechanic highly recommends the Pioneer brand when shopping for car android screens.
Pioneer speakers are famous for delivering clear and high-resolution live sound. Designed to fit the current market, these speakers provide a plug-and-play solution for a groovy ride. GoMechanic offers 100% genuine Pioneer speakers with a warranty at the best market price. Besides, the easy return policy of GoMechanic makes it even more convincing to get yourself Pioneer car speakers.
GoMechanic has a history of providing 100% genuine car accessories from top-selling and premium brands like Pioneer. Besides, when you shop from GoMechanic Accessories, assured discounts are always waiting for you. The website also provides additional discounts on prepaid orders and the delivery of products is free of cost.
The GoMechanic Accessories website features both online and offline payment options. In the online mode, customers can pay using internet banking, UPI or credit/debit cards. While GoMechanic also accepts Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, online prepaid orders can earn you additional discounts on the total cart value.

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