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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax is an American brand for automotive products. For the past 75 years, Turtle Wax has pushed beyond the boundaries of car care to create new outcomes, solutions and groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionized the detailing industry worldwide. The Turtle Wax company was formed and named for the product's hardshell finish, shining a spotlight on the first-ever liquid auto finish. The company's prime product lines involve cleaning and polishing products for cars, including glass, painted surfaces, uncoated metals, leather, wheels, and tires. 

With its bold plans and the continuous demand for car care products, Turtle Wax strives at becoming one of the most excellent car care product brands. The Most Innovative Name in Car Care is still captivating the attention of the auto appearance category as the top-selling brand in spray wax, car wash, carpet & fabric care, and more. With product deployment in more than 90 countries, the Turtle Wax brand resonates throughout the globe. Still, the brand's core remains in its hometown of Chicago, where award-winning innovations are manifested today.

Currently, the company offers the products required to clean, shine and guard the car inside out. The merchandise portfolio involves shampoo to wash, wax to shine and several interior cleaners in foam and liquid to clean the car's interiors. It also gives speciality products like trim restorer, chrome polish, headlight lens restorer, Odor-X odour removing solutions, etc., to address specific car care necessities. Turtle Wax also has a ceramic coating that has 10H hardness, which gives the high gloss, ultra-hydrophobicity, advanced chemical resistance, UV protection and convenient cleaning features. This ultra-premium detailing spray separates dust and fingerprints from glass, rubber, rigid plastics, vinyl and even leather to deep clean and fresh the interior of your car.

Their ergonomic, Flairosol sprayer creates a smooth, constant mist, coating covers in a friendly, even layer of product for an impeccable application every time. Their car interior cleaning products clean, guard and purify all car interior surfaces with easy-to-use spray and foam formulas and car interior wipes. As a result, there is a tremendous scope to choose from many interior products to safely care for all the interior surfaces of vehicles, including car leather seat cleaners, interior glass cleaning and car interior protectants for hard surfaces. Using a mixture of traditional and pro-level ceramic technology, Turtle Wax Solutions provides excellent paint correction, water beading, and hydrophobicity, with jaw-dropping slip and shine. 

The company plans to bring in graphene-based ceramic coating solvents, the new technology in the car care industry. The Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions line uses ceramic, SiO2 technology for advanced water beading assurance and glow. Each product has originated with specific auto enthusiast needs in mind and is set to exceed industry expectations. Despite producing such a wide range of merchandise, Turtle Wax is innovating on each of these outcomes equally, ensuring that no matter which Turtle Wax product the customer buys, they are assured an exceptional product experience. 

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Retail products from the Turtle Wax brand are classified into two types. Wash & Waxes. Wash essentially includes car wash shampoos. There are a variety of efficient shampoos available from the brand. Waxes include items that give the car a lustrous shine and interior cleaners (for dashboard polish, leather and fabric conditioner, etc).
Turtle Wax's original car care products are available online on the GoMechanic Accessories website at the lowest market prices in India. Therefore, to keep your vehicle looking ageless, we recommend that you use only genuine Turtle Wax products.
Turtle Wax is a highly qualified brand known for its best quality products. Turtle Wax is an award-winning auto care company that offers solutions and cutting-edge technologies to keep your ride looking brand new. There is no reason that you should not opt for products of this brand for regular car wash and maintenance.
Turtle Wax Kit (available on the GoMechanic Accessories website) include pure wash car soap, hybrid solutions pro-wash bucket & lid, grit guard, max shine clay mitt, all-wheel cleaner & iron remover, microfiber mesh bug, and deacon towel.
Yes, you certainly can. You have to visit the GoMechanic website, add the Turtle Wax product/s that you want, and check out with unbelievable discounts. At GoMechanic, we deliver your orders to your doorsteps in no time.

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