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    For car care products I only trust GoMechanic. They always apply quality products to my car. For denting and painting I always go to this place. Kudos to the team!!!
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Car Care

Your car is essentially a reflection of your personality. Not only that, your car is a significant investment. So as far as taking care of the car is concerned, it is more than just cleaning your car occasionally. The elements of the environment do not spare even the most advanced paint technologies and hence, if you wish to preserve or restore your vehicle's original beauty, professional treatments are always recommended. Various innovative car care products have been introduced in the automotive markets by renowned brands throughout the world each utilized to achieve the collective goal of keeping our cars, squeaky clean on the inside as well as on the outside. 

At GoMechanic Accessories, we understand that people get attached to their vehicles and a bond is developed between an individual and a vehicle which can only last as long as the vehicle is taken care of. We ease your troubles of visiting expensive detailing studios and waiting in long queues for getting your car washed through our complete range of car care accessories which include everything from car detailing products to shampoos & cleaners, complete car care kits, dusters & microfibers and innovative car wash solutions in the form of some of the best pressure washers from various renowned innovative brands from around the world. 


Car Care

Car cleaning entails a variety of products that finds application in maintaining a vehicle's exterior and interior clean & ambient. For those who use their vehicles for daily commutes, it is a no-brainer that the exterior is exposed to dust and filth on a daily basis. Similarly, the daily toll of dust and dirt is equally deteriorating for the interiors. It is important to ensure that our automobiles are periodically cleaned & maintained in order to increase their lifespan. At the same time, who does not like to roll around in a clean car. There is no argument against the fact that car care products are essential when it comes to buying car accessories. 

Car care accessories assist us in keeping the outside and inside of our vehicle clean and scratch-free. Cleaning your automobile once a month is usually recommended to maintain its original attractiveness. Automotive workshops like ours employ sophisticated tools and expert staff to make your automobile entirely free of contaminants. However, not always, it is essential to visit a workshop to get your car cleaned. With the wide range of car care accessories available on the GoMechanic Accessories website, car care can be easily enabled at our homes. 


Exterior Car Care

The exterior of a vehicle is always exposed to the elements of the environment whether the vehicle is running or parked. There is no way that we can possibly ever come up with a shield that protects the exterior from the environmental elements and ensures a long life for the exterior of a car. Brand new vehicles running out of assembly lines have impeccable paint jobs which are, to some extent, designed to protect the surface of the car, especially the sheet metal used for the bodywork. However, the paint itself corrodes upon long term exposure to external elements such as dirt, dust, pollutants, water, chemicals etc. 

The surface of the car is not the only external surface prone to damage. Various other components, such as chromes, tyres, underbody, external accessories etc. are also exposed to harmful pollutants on a regular basis. In India, every now and then, it is very common to find bird droppings on the top of your bonnet. Special mention to the uncountable number of hands touching our vehicles every time we park them in a busy marketplace and even in the roadside car parks. 

Such exposure to harmful elements can very well cause damage to the exterior of any vehicle within a few years. For the very same reason, it is always recommended to at least wash a vehicle every alternate day if not every day. However, simply washing with water does more harm than good and which is where GoMechanic Accessories comes to the rescue with our wide range of car shampoos & washers. These products are procured from some of the best brands in the world including key players in car care namely 3M and Turtle Wax. 


Interior Car Care

Unless we are at a professional detailing studio, the interiors of a car are often overlooked during cleaning & washing sessions. Most of us do not have the time to engage in 3-4 hours long car washing and cleaning activities which include taking out all the garbage from the interiors and rendering them a new look. However, car care is never complete without adequate cleaning of the interiors since it is where we will be spending most of our time while riding or driving a car. The internal hygiene and ambience of any vehicle will impact the mood and energy inside the car. A car that is clean inside out goes a long way to impress many admirers and also allows us to feel good about ourselves. 

However, cleaning the interiors is seldom an easy task. This is why GoMechanic Accessories identified the need for compact and powerful vacuum cleaners. Car vacuum cleaners are a great aid in internal cleaning as they help to get rid of most wet and dry wastes inside our vehicles effortlessly. Even the tiniest specks of dust and dirt can be easily cleaned by vacuum cleaners. 

Once the initial cleaning has taken place, we offer a plethora of cleaning accessories including dashboard cleaners, seat cleaners, glass cleaners and many types of internal dressers which help to restore the stock texture of the interiors. 


Car Detailing 

Car detailing accessories are designed to remove the pollutants that accumulate on the surface of your vehicle and polish it to an impeccable finish. As a result, a brand-new shiny surface, also known as a showroom finish, is ensured. This job does not end there because of the various intricate components of an automobile call for different detailing products.  A complete detailing experience does not only take care of the surface but provides super clean interiors, sparkling windows, fade-free tyres and a complete clean look. 

Detailing your car extends its life and boosts its value. Auto detailing is exceptionally effective when automobiles are left outside and exposed to the elements such as sand, bird droppings, rain, and other factors that can impair a car's good appearance by eroding the protective clear coat and eventually eating the layers of paint. We recommend auto detailing products to every car owner irrespective of whether they think that their vehicle is dirty or not. Detailing involves more than just cleaning. It helps restore your vehicle to its original state through the application of innovative detailing accessories listed on our website. 


Dusters and Microfibers

GoMechanic Accessories takes great pride in introducing the homegrown GoDryft microfiber cloth. This cleaning cloth is appropriate for any vehicle. These fabrics are double-sided, allowing you to clean the surface of your automobile. The microfiber substance protects the paint and cleans a larger area. Microfiber can collect and absorb more dirt and germs than any other fabric. 

The dusters do not smear, streak, or harm the paint on the outside of a car. It becomes better with time and is quite durable. All bikes, car roofs, car bodies, windshields, headlights, seats, instrument panels, dashboard, and other hard to reach spots may be cleaned with the microfiber duster. The microfiber cloth material is exceptionally absorbent and quickly retains dirt particles. It can absorb up to 7 times its weight in dirt or fluids.

Besides our homegrown brands, GoMechanic Accessories also deals in products from various other acclaimed brands. It is highly recommended that you check out the official website at today to get the best deals on all microfiber cloths. 


Car Washers

Car washers make washing your car outside faster and easier. With little effort, you can see the tenacious dirt and dust wash away, making the difficult work of cleaning the vehicle, fence, walls, driveway, and patio appear super-easy. It is pointless to spend time washing dirt and grime off your bike, vehicle, or garden equipment when you can use a portable pressure washer to perform the job in a fraction of the time. Nevertheless, a decent pressure washer sprays water rapidly, allowing you to clean more or less anything.

Car washers use a lot less water than a garden hose, and many of them come with a variety of accessories for several applications, such as a lance, turbo nozzle, car wash brush, and jet nozzle. However, cost-effectiveness and value for money is the first preference of the average Indian customer which is why GoMechanic Accessories brings to you the world’s most coveted pressure washers at the most affordable prices. 


Car Shampoos & Cleaners

Innovative car shampoos feature particular components that offer your car a deeper shine, regardless of your knowledge of car cleaning methods. They thoroughly clean the vehicle, giving it a dazzling finish. Some people wash their cars with hair-cleaning chemicals and expect them to shine like new!

One can never know how often the exterior of our vehicles is exposed to outside dirt and filth when driving. As a result, we frequently overlook it and give it little weight. However, it is critical to polish the surface to retain its lustre and seem fresh. We have branded shampoos like the 3M shampoo on our website and in workshops. It helps remove dirt and grime from your car's surface. Its phosphate-free, biodegradable cleaning solution is ideal for all sorts of vehicles. The rinse foam removes stains and debris while leaving the surface gleaming and tidy. The shampoo works effectively even with rough water from tankers or borewells.

The paint on your car will not be harmed if you use branded car shampoos, for example, the 3M Car Wash Shampoo. Certain car shampoos may safely remove dirt and grime from your vehicle's paint without causing damage. These shampoos remove dirt quickly and easily, providing a clean and fresh aspect to cars.


Windshield Washers

The windshield is accountable for providing the driver with a good view that cleans rain, washer fluid, snow, ice, water, and debris from a car's front glass. You may risk your safety while driving if your windshield is not clean. Keeping the windshield clean is essential because, unfortunately, if your windshield is not clean, it may cause accidents when driving. To maintain your windshield clean, we provide a variety of windshield cleaners that assist remove road film, grime, and other contaminants that adhere to the glass surface. Its phosphate-free elements help a driver's night vision. Additionally, it extends the life of the windshield and wiper blades. This high-quality product is available at GoMechanic's store in various colours and sizes.


Why Choose GoMechanic For Car Care Accessories?

After you have put in a few hours of hard work, it's time to take a step back and examine the outcomes. Your car now appears to be brand new, and you might be happy that you accomplished it all for the most excellent price and quality. We at GoMechanic realize how much you care about your car. That is precisely why we have made it in GoMechanic's business mission to help you protect it.

Car cleaning supplies and solutions are required to maintain the vehicle clear of dirt and grime. If you want to preserve the shine and glory of your car, you need regular car cleaning services. Visit the GoMechanic website to get great deals on auto cleaning supplies and services. We offer high-quality items at reasonable costs. You can count on Gomechanic to provide excellent service. We assist you with obtaining all of the cleaning services and supplies required to boost your vehicle. Customer assistance and easy after-sales servicing are also accessible.

You can get the most excellent quality items from top brands at the most affordable rates on our website. Take advantage of exclusive deals during our weekend driving sale and save big!

GoMechanic offers unique bargains and special auto maintenance items from the best manufacturers, saving money and purchasing wisely. We understand how valuable your time is. Therefore, we provide free delivery to your door and simple returns. Furthermore, you are only a click away from our extensive car care services and accessories selection. So rush to our store and take advantage of the best deals around at GoMechanic! Here, we put your happiness above anything else.

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A wide variety of bestselling Car Care products are available on the GoMechanic Accessories website. The most popular Car Care product categories include Dusters & Microfibers, Shampoos & Cleaners, Car Detailing products like Car Wax & Car Polish, Pressure Washers, Comprehensive Cleaning & Detailing Kits & Car Body Covers.
Car Cleaning Kits include the essential Car Cleaning & Detailing products in a single package. This means that Car Shampoos, Car Polish, Tyre/Dashboard Dressers, Wax & Shiners are included in a Car Cleaning Kit. In addition, a high quality Microfiber Cloth and Applicator Sponges are also included in an all-inclusive Car Cleaning Kit.
Car Detailing involves cleaning, shining & restoring the appearance of a car to showroom-like conditions and most often, better than brand-new conditions. At GoMechanic Accessories, specialised detailing products such as Car Polish, Car Wax, Tyre Dressers, Alloy Cleaners, Dashboard & Interior Cleaners etc., are widely available from the bestselling brands. For every component of a car, a detailing product is available at GoMechanic Accessories.
The purpose of a Car Polish is to polish painted or un-painted surfaces so as to blend swirl marks & minor scratches to give an even & polished paint appearance. On the other hand, Car Wax is usually applied over a polished surface as a protective coating that also enhances and preserves the shine.
Yes, absolutely! GoMechanic Accessories provide free home delivery of Car Care products including Shampoos & Cleaners, Car Detailing products, Dusters & Microfibers and all other Car Care product categories. You pay zero delivery charges if your order value is ₹399/- or more.

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