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Genuine Quality
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Diverse Options
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  • Durable
    I had ordered car floor mat from GoMechanic six months ago and they have no visible wear and tear so far, would recommend it to everyone.
    Pawan kumar sharma
  • Keeps your car tidy
    Installing these mats helps you maintain the cleanliness of your car. The mats help in stopping any kind of spillage or dust from reaching the surface.
    Saurav Kumar
  • Easy cleaning
    The mats are not too difficult to clean, vacuuming once in a while keeps them neat and free of smell.
    Rishabh Jha
  • Custom fit
    The mats on GoMechanic are of a universal fit, they fit almost all car models and are mostly self-adjustable.
    Sanjay Saraf
  • Compliments Interior
    The mats are very sleek and have a good finish, they compliment the interiors of the car like they are custom made.
    Reena Goyal
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  • GoMechanic

The way one maintains their car can speak volumes about them. While cleanliness is a matter of individual preference, there is no argument for the fact that a clean car looks and feels great. This is not only true for the outward appearance of a vehicle but also applies to the interiors. The use of car mats inside a car helps realise that purpose a little bit easier by keeping external pollutants away from the floor and improving the aesthetics inside the vehicle. 


No matter how careful one might be around their vehicle, a lot of mud, dirt, gravel, grass, and other external pollutants find their way inside our cars, primarily through our shoes. With good floor mats, you can ensure that whatever external pollutants are carried inside your vehicle they won't lead to permanent damage to the car floor. Caring for one's car is the same as caring for one's home. A dirty car is no fun to drive. By investing in high-quality and durable car floor mats, one can protect your vehicle against dirt, mud, oil, water, etc. Your car is contaminated every time you get in, and that's when car floor mats protect your vehicle. As well as enhancing the aesthetic value of your car interior, car foot mats protect your carpeting and flooring from damage and dust.


Similarly, the terms "universal" and "custom fit" qualify floor mats that can be fitted to multiple cars versus those explicitly made for a single chassis. Miniature, flexible spikes may be embedded on the underside of some mats to grip carpeting. However, an alternative retention method is an anchoring system that hooks, clips, or twists into an anchor point already positioned on the vehicle floor. PVC alternatives to rubber vehicle mats are becoming increasingly popular, but rubber vehicle mats are still considered the best option. If you are looking for a car mat for your vehicle, you are at the right place. GoMechanic offers high-quality car floor mats that can help protect your car's interior, and that too at an unbelievably affordable price. 


The multiple benefits of car mats 

Maintaining a healthy and hygienic car interior is as important as having a fit engine. Seated in a clean, aromatic, and comfortable atmosphere, one can still survive the tantrums of the road. A clean and appealing interior can boost your driving experience by up to 100% and to make your interior squeaky-clean. It's a must to own the most extraordinary car mats.


Because car mats are the shoes one wears to an event. They add glam to your overall personality. Mats for cars are mandatory to keep the vehicle clean, hygienic, and stylish. Believe us when we say this - It is not so difficult to pick the best floor mat for your car. GoMechanic has done its homework well. No matter where your vehicle goes, it can not escape dirty feet. Sometimes the mud on the roads, other days, rain that decides to spoil the neatness of your car's interior. And if you are a parent or a pet parent, it is an absolute need to have the most durable, easy-to-wash car mats. They will not just add style to your car but also will make it easy for you to maintain your car's sanity after a hectic drive.


Not just one, but there are so many reasons to buy car mats as the first move. First of all, it will simply add years to your car. When we take care, things can even survive hurricanes for us. Durable car mats will act as a safety guard for the floor of your vehicle. It will protect the car floor from scratches and stains. Car mats act as a second skin for the floor, so when spilt drinks or pet paws try to attack the floor, GoMechanic mats will play Sparta!


The second and the most important reason to buy car mats immediately is the cleaning. After purchasing an easy to wash and install car mat online, all you need to do to clean the car is pick up the mats and jerk all the unwanted elements out of the vehicle. Washable car mats need no extra attention. Just put some car cleaning shampoo on them, and hallelujah! Then, get them as new as ever before.


Types of car mats

Depending on the type of material used and other features and functionalities, car floor mats can be categorised into the following types. 


  1. Fabric car mats

The most easily available and budget-friendly fabric floor mats are a catch for almost everyone. Available in attractive colours and designs, they come with a rubber back to avert slipping. Specially designed for comfortable maintenance, they come in a universal size, making them an excellent fit for any car. Fabric mats are mostly washable by hand, so one can easily remove and wash them daily. Remember that only go for premium-quality fabric floor mats as compromised quality can be disappointing in the long run. We have done some homework for you, and now you can find the most promising car fabric floor mats at GoMechanic, which will make your drives cleaner and more comfortable.


  1. Rubber car mats

If you're looking for long-lasting, durable and skid-free mats, this is it. Rubber mats do not skid; hence become one of the safest car mats. They are extremely easy to wash and dry very quickly. Rubber mats are readily available in the market both online and offline. You can face the problem of finding not many design variations in the market. Therefore, GoMechanic can be your go-to place to find some aesthetic designs and colour choices. 


  1. All-weather vinyl car mats

Made of thick vinyl material, all-weather mats are more durable than rubber mats. The mats come with spikes at the back, making them slip-free. In addition, vinyl car mats are smartly designed to keep the water, dust or any grime particles inside the uplifted edge of the mat, blocking them from scattering on the car floor. One can pick from a wide range of colours and designs available on GoMechanic. Each product is handpicked and up to the quality check. 


  1. Nomad car mats 

One of the most attractive mats in the markets is the nomad or curly mats—the name talks for its features. Curly mats can trap dirt grime and soak water quickly, which minimises leakage due to the car floor. This fantastic feature keeps it easy to maintain for long as no regular cleaning is required like the other mats. You can go bare feet on them even when they are not clean, and still, it will feel fresh and pleasant. You can get various colours and designs of nomad mats and clean them whenever however you like


  1. 3D floor mats

If we talk about the most premium looking mats, 3D mats top the list. They give a classy look to the car's interior and have a mind-blowing fit. Available in various colours like beige black, brown etc., the mats are great at keeping the water, dirt and grime in their grooves. The material used in designing 3D mats is a polymer. Therefore, they do not soak the water or absorb the dirt; hence, cleaning them for a great look becomes a regular task. The price of 3D car mats is as per the result. Expensive but worth the investment. 


What are 5D, 7D, and 9D car mats?

5D mats, as the name suggests, have five-dimensional floor protection against water and dust. They are often available in various colours and textures. The 5D mats are super protective and hold the dust, moisture and unwanted particles in their tray. The edges are a little uplifted to give a glove-like fit. This mat is best to protect the floor of your car according to the respective space of your vehicle. It lines over the same area as your car flooring. 


There is an attached heel pad under the driver's seat. To give a proper grip to the driver's foot and avoid any slip or losing control while driving. These car mats are not just perfect in their character but also give a premium touch to the interior, making the car look extra elegant. 


Only religious car lovers know what 7D mats do to the interior of a car! 7D car mats can make a car look like "THE CAR". It gives full coverage, end to end fitting and the most stylish look to the interior of the vehicle. Designed with double layer protection, the 7D mats have become the most desirable mats on the list. They are waterproof and long-lasting. The mats take care of every corner of the floor and fit just right. In addition, the mats have an extravaganza touch to them. A heel pad is attached to its carpet, which gives a holding for the driver's foot. The 7D mats help maintain the elegance of the car. Keep the car hygienic, clean and polish the overall look.  


9D mats are the real game-changer in the interior of a car, much like the 7D but still extra. These mats cover your car base entirely. Protect the car bottom from any stain, bacteria, water or grime. No filth can crawl inside the car's flooring, no matter what the condition is. Which helps maintain a fresh and appealing look of the mats for a very long period. These mats have a presence of a grass mat on the surface, which maximises the projection properties. Also, it is straightforward to wash and maintain the car's 9D mats.  


How much do car mats cost? 

The price range for car floor mats differs from brand to brand and type to type. Moreover, different platforms have started dealing in car accessories other than Amazon and Flipkart with the evolution of virtual shopping. Here at GoMechanic, the most affordable car mats range starts from around as low as ₹12.


The universal standard PVC car grass mats are anti-skid mats with rubber ridges at the lower portion to keep the driver's heels firmly in place while driving at affordable rates. These are priced a little above the regular mats. 


Another trending category of floor mats at GoMechanic is the universal PVC diamond-cut floor car mats which are scratch-resistant and produced of a washable material at a budget-friendly range of around ₹1500-₹2000.


With products being introduced and people becoming more aware of the same, the customers' new favourite type of car floor mat is the 7D mat which is readily available on our site starting at around ₹3,000. It is designed to simplify cleaning, saving the owner precious time. This car mat can be easily detached, and the floor mat will store all dust, oil, and water there. You can then wash this mat easily.


Which car floor mat is the best for my car?

A quest for the best car floor mats never ends. The aim remains to keep dirt off the OEM flooring, but there are still many things you need to consider when deciding which is suitable for you.


To begin with, you need to decide whether you want a multi-piece design or a single-piece design. Multiple piece solutions give you the flexibility to clean only soiled parts. As an alternative, single-piece mats provide an OEM look. This type of mat is usually attached to the original carpeting.


The next step is to determine the material used in the mats. Common materials that are used in rugs are rubber and carpet. Additionally, other, more luxurious materials are available, but they'd get soiled, so they'd no longer serve the purpose.


Checking the durability comes next. Generally, mats are designed with longevity in mind. However, not every mat is the same, and you should determine if it will last long enough for your needs. A wide variety of custom-contoured mats (also known as 3D mats) are available. The floor mats are cut out to fit the exact shape of the floor well of each car and make an excellent purchase that one should consider.


It is essential also to consider the colour of the material when choosing car floor mats. While lighter colours make the cabin appear more extensive and open, darker coloured mats are less likely to stain.


GoMechanic recommends that one must assess their usage, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences before selecting a car mat for their vehicle. You can find a variety of car floor mats on your most trusted car accessories site - GoMechanic, at a budget-friendly price to cater to your unique needs.

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If you are looking for affordable car mats, you can also purchase semi-custom mats from our website.
Car floor liners are mats with raised edges, due to which they keep the dirt and spills inside. Whereas Car Floor Mats are flat and fit the floor, making them comparatively easier to clean and giving you a better fit.
Car Mats will help owners keep their vehicle's floor clean and smell free in the long run.
The Car Floor Mats give the driver's feet a secure grip on even the most dangerous roads, hence causing no danger
Car Floor Mats on our website are made from the highest-quality materials and are built to endure regular wear and tear in all weather conditions throughout the year.
We suggest vacuuming on a regular basis and removing any spills as soon as possible; machine washing not recommended.

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