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Genuine Quality
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Diverse Options
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  • Ensures Safety!
    The mobile phone holder allows me to check my mobile phone for important texts and navigation of maps without hampering my road safety.
    Manju Gopal
  • Affordable Prices!
    All the mobile accessories available on their platform are very affordable. I always visit their website whenever I am in need of a new mobile accessory.
    Aakash Kashyap
  • Variety
    On their website, they have a wide variety of bluetooth car chargers that are equally efficient and cool. Best place for all your car needs!!!
    Jatin Kumar
  • Simply Convenient!
    I recently got a turbo car mobile charger from this place. The charger is a premium product that has made mobile charging more convenient
    Yukta Kapoor
  • Advanced
    The mobile accessories are very advanced they do not lag or create any problems at all.
    Riddhi Dutt
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Mobile Accessories

Mobile phones have become essential tools that make our day-to-day lives convenient. We constantly need our phones by our side to keep ourselves connected with our loved ones and to do a variety of other every day tasks. While driving we constantly are in touch with phones for things such as listening to music, navigating maps, etc. However, while driving there are chances that you can hamper the road safety of your car and the mobile phone if you have not equipped your car with car mobile accessories. 

Car mobile accessories are unique and exciting tools that make the overall driving experience user-friendly. These accessories allow you to use your mobile phone without hampering road safety. We have a wide variety of useful mobile accessories that are of premium quality.

Here are some of the most useful Car Mobile Accessories

Mobile Phone Holder

A mobile phone holder is a type of car mobile accessory that is widely used by drivers. It helps in keeping the mobile phone safe from unexpected bumps and makes driving safer. These tools are equipped with features like a one-touch release button and adjustable sides that make them fit for all types of mobile phones. Also, some of the brands have a 360° rotation feature that makes it more convenient. At GoMechanic we have a range of different kinds of mobile holders of brands such as Portronics that are equally efficient and of premium quality.

Bluetooth Adaptor

Having a low battery is one of the worst things that can happen to you on a normal day. In such a case, bluetooth chargers come into rescue. A bluetooth adaptor helps in charging your phone and lets you connect your device with it. These types of bluetooth adaptors also have an in-built mic that allows you to take phone calls without losing concentration off the road. On our platform, we have different kinds of bluetooth adaptors that have USB ports available. These tools are safe and protected against overvoltage.

Wireless Mobile Charger

While driving we always need our mobile phone to be around us and if its battery is not fully charged then our commute can become gloomy. With the help of a wireless mobile charger, you can charge your phone without worrying about the adapter and the USB cable. These chargers are made up of premium silica gel materials that keep your phone stuck to the deck. These types of chargers quickly charge a phone without using a cable. At GoMechanic we have a different range of options that are of premium quality that you can choose from.

Car Mobile Accessories are as equally important as other types of accessories are. These tools help in making the overall driving experience more convenient and safe. At GoMechanic we have a different range of premium quality car mobile accessories that will not only improve your driving experience but also makes it more convenient. To know more about cool and exciting accessories that we have, go check out the GoMechanic website now!!!

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A wide variety of Mobile Accessories for cars is available online at GoMechanic Accessories. Some must-buy Car Mobile Accessories include Mobile Holders for Cars, Car Chargers, Fast Chargers, Wireless Charging Pads, Charging Cables, OBD Devices & Bluetooth Receivers & Connectors. All of these Car Accessories are available from top brands such as Alpine, Blackcat, Blaupunkt, Portronics & many more.
The GoConnect OBD device is a high-tech, innovative, On-Board Diagnostic device that connects directly to the OBD port of a car. Besides acting as a GPS tracker for your device, the GoConnect OBD device also generates Driving Statistics such as Mileage Monitoring, Overspeeding, Harsh Braking etc. The GoMechanic OBD also continuously monitors Car Health and acts as a Geo-Fencing & Anti-Theft device for your car.
Magnetic Mobile Holders are the most popular category of Car Mobile Holders. However, contrary to popular belief, Magnetic Phone Holders do not damage smartphones. It would take a very strong magnetic field to interfere with modern smartphones whereas, Magnetic Car Mobile Holders use specifically designed neodymium magnets to hold the phone in place.
Bluetooth Connectors & Receivers offer easy smartphone integration for a complete hands-free driving experience. It is neither legal nor safe to use a mobile phone in your hands while driving. Using a Bluetooth Connector, you can take & drop calls, increase & decrease volume, change songs & playlists, play audio from your phone into the car's audio system, charge your devices & perform a whole lot of other functions. Bluetooth Connectors easily connect to the 12V charging socket inside your car.
GoMechanic Charging Cables are the best charging cables available online with superior durability thanks to layered nylon-braiding. This not only makes the cables extremely durable & resistant to breaking & tearing, but GoMechanic Charging Cables are tangle-free and available in various options including Type-B, Type-C and Lighting connectors.


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