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BassTubes & subwoofer

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BassTubes & subwoofer

Speakers in general are designed to be effective over a particular set of frequencies called the frequency range. Conversely, it is also true that not all speakers can be effective over a wide frequency range. Conventional speakers are designed to be effective in the mid-range frequencies and tweeters are incorporated into the audio system to effectively reproduce the high-frequency audio signals. However, as they say, the bass makes the music beautiful and full. This is why a piece of music is never complete without a founding bass line to it. Subwoofers and bass tubes offer the perfect solution for this and they complete the audio experience inside any vehicle by rendering a booming, full audio experience. 



By their appearance, subwoofers do not look any different than conventional car speakers to the untrained eye. However, when it comes to their functionality, subwoofers are designed to accurately reproduce the lower frequencies of the audio waves. Combined with a set of car speakers that have in-build tweeters, subwoofers can complete the audio experience inside your car by effectively reproducing all the frequency ranges from the lowest to the highest. 


Car subwoofers are generally available in 8 to 15-inch sizes although many manufacturers also offer customizable options. Essentially, the larger the size of the subwoofer, the louder sound it will reproduce and the deeper bass effect one will feel. A smaller size means a smaller surface area of the cone which is not capable of resonating effectively to produce lower frequency sound waves as much as a bigger sized cone can produce. Hence, while buying a subwoofer for your vehicle, the size of the subwoofer comes into play at first. 


While the size of the subwoofer definitely makes an impact on the quality and level of audio produced by the car audio system, there are certainly other factors to consider before buying a car subwoofer. However, it is not possible for uninformed enthusiasts to accurately understand technical specifications and choose the correct subwoofer for their vehicle. Hence, here is a list of the different options available when choosing a subwoofer for your car. 


Component subwoofers

Component subwoofers are sold as simple speakers. As such, when purchasing a component subwoofer, you are likely to get only the speakers and a few installation accessories with it. Purchasing a component subwoofer can be a desirable option for those who are on a budget although it will involve additional efforts for designing the enclosure box, amplification and associated installation. 


Enclosed subwoofers 

An enclosed or loaded subwoofer system comes in the form of subwoofer/s already installed in an enclosed cabinet. The purpose of enclosing the subwoofer/s in a closed space/box/enclosure is to enhance the sound. The larger the air space reverberates with the sound from the subwoofer, the deeper and louder is the sound. The only limitation is finding a perfect size/shape that will fit the contours of your vehicle. 


Powered & loaded subwoofers

It might be noted that a subwoofer cannot operate on its own effectively without having some amplification device connected to it. Therefore, subwoofer enclosures are required to be connected to an amplifier for them to reproduce the sounds. The solution offered by powered subwoofers is that they feature an in-built amplifier. A powered and loaded subwoofer means that the enclosure system (along with the subwoofers) is amplified and needs to just be connected. It is a good option for those who are not willing to involve too much in designing and wiring activities when installing subwoofers. 


Vehicle specific enclosed subwoofers 

If you are not interested in getting a ready-made and ready to install subwoofer system inside your vehicle then customized options can also be availed from some of the top brands in the car audio industry. For example, JL Audio produces their stealth series which is customized to fit each vehicle differently. 



Bass tubes offer an easy way out of enhancing the audio quality inside your vehicle. While they are also designed to reproduce the lower frequency sound waves effectively, there are multiple advantages of a brass tube over a subwoofer or a subwoofer system. 


Unless your subwoofer system is powered and loaded, there are always certain levels of amplification and installation worries to deal with before you can actually get that booming bass out. However, bass tubes are usually designed with a built-in amplifier and woofer/subwoofer. Simply connect and play the audio to experience the bass effect with most branded bass tubes available on our website. 


If you are looking for a solution to upgrade the audio experience inside your vehicle then this is the place that you need to be. If bass is your purpose and an immersive, deep, baritone experience is what you are craving to get out of your car audio system, then explore the complete range of car bass tubes and subwoofers on the GoMechanic website. Start shopping now and get ready to be showered with unbelievable discounts and mega offers on top branded and best selling car subwoofers and bass tubes.  


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Android Auto is an innovative tool that lets you have the apps on your android phone on your car screen. It helps you focus on the road without hampering your safety and also lets you pick phone calls and answer messages.
Yes, you can have the Android Auto installed in your car. It doesn't matter if your car is a brand new Baleno or an old Honda city you can get the Android Auto. In old cars, it offers basic navigation, music, phone calls and messages.
No, Unfortunately, an Android Auto only works on Android mobile phones. You are required to have a mobile phone with an Android OS. For iPhones, Apple has come with Apple CarPlay.
No, Audi A4 is not compatible with Android Auto. However, it is compatible with Audi A6, A7, A8, E-Tron, Q3, Q7 and Q8.
The best part about Android Auto is that it is completely wireless. You can connect your phone with your car with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. So, No, Android Auto will not require a USB cable to connect.
Yes, Android Auto can easily display Google Maps on your car screen. It will also help you in navigating different routes. Along with that, you can listen to your favourite Spotify playlist with the help of Android Auto.
Of all the advantages it has, the best one is that it allows the user to navigate maps and music on his/her car screen without jeopardising the road safety protocols. Also, the apps and functions are constantly updated to keep the user in touch with the new features.
Yes Definitely! You can use all the features of the Android Auto with the help of your mobile data. From navigating the maps to listening to music your mobile data will be more than enough to handle the connectivity requirements.
You can easily add Spotify to your Android Auto. Along with that, you can add different messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger and navigation applications like Google Maps.

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