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Vacuum Cleaners

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Genuine Quality
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Diverse Options
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  • Performance Guaranteed!
    The Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best car accessories that you can have. It allows me to clean all the corners of my car without leaving a mark.
    Rajesh Mehta
  • Super Suction!
    I got this Car Vacuum Cleaner from GoMechanic and the suction power of this Vacuum Cleaner is better than any other available in market.
    Tanisha Singhal
  • Reasonable Prices
    All the accessories available on their platform are of premium quality and available at nominal prices
    Pritam Singh
  • Simple!
    Using their Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most seamless jobs that I do every Sunday. Its lightweight nature allows you to use it more effortlessly.
    Rashika Sharma
  • Excellently Designed!
    The design of these Vacuum Cleaners is very sleek. It helps me in cleaning all the corners of my car. Highly admirable!!!
    Dhruv Bhardwaj
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Vacuum Cleaners

While driving, our car is exposed to dust and dirt that diminishes its overall look. We often forget that dust and dirt also hamper the interior of our car as well. The dust, pet hairs, debris etc diminish the aesthetic of the interior of a car that makes the driving experience unhygienic. Usually, car drivers manually try to clean the interior of their car which is not as efficient as it sounds. Our experts advise using car vacuum cleaners to clean the interior of your car. 

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful car accessories one can have. Cleaning a car is a difficult task especially in a country like India. So it becomes important to have a promising vacuum cleaner that cleans all the corners of your car. At GoMechanic we have a variety of efficient car vacuum cleaners that will make the interior of your car free from dust and other impurities.

Lightweight in Nature

A conventional vacuum cleaner cannot be used to clean the interior of a car. That is why we present to you car vacuum cleaners that allow you to clean your car without doing too much labour. These types of vacuum cleaners are lightweight, contrary to conventional types. Its lightweight feature allows you to easily move the tool inside your car so that you can get to all the corners. We provide lightweight car vacuum cleaners of different brands that are very helpful in keeping your car clean.

Easy to use

A car vacuum cleaner is a simple tool that helps in keeping the interior of your dust-free. It comes with different nozzles and a retractable handle that makes it easy to adjust while cleaning the seats and space under it. The application of using it is also very simple. We also provide these types of lightweight car vacuum cleaners on our platforms of different brands such as Blackcat, Blaupunkt, GoMechanic etc. To learn more about these brands go check out our website.

Powerful Suction

The most important feature of a vacuum cleaner is its suction power. A vacuum cleaner with an average suction power not only jeopardizes the performance of the vacuum cleaner but is also considered a bad buy. A car vacuum cleaner that we provide on our platforms has strong suction power that helps in easily cleaning the interior of your car. It clears your car with all the dust particles, pet hair and other pollutants. On our website, we have different brands that assure quality and performance.


Car vacuum cleaners are very useful car accessories that keep your car dust-free and clean. At GoMechanic we have a wide range of car vacuum cleaners that are equally efficient in doing their jobs with making you pay heavy bills. We also provide quality assurance on our accessory we sell. To look at exciting option on car vacuum cleaners go visit the GoMechanic website.

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Vacuum Cleaners prices in India
GoMechanic Neutron 6000 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 1249
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Car Vacuum Cleaners are designed in a compact and handy form so that they can be easily used inside a car. Even if you manage to fit a regular Vacuum Cleaner inside your car, reaching narrow corners & crevices using a regular Vacuum Cleaner is impossible. Car Vacuum Cleaners available at GoMechanic Accessories also include multiple specialised nozzle attachments that help you easily clean car interiors. 
Yes absolutely! Car Vacuum Cleaners are a lightweight & portable version of Vacuum Cleaners that are easy to manoeuvre inside the constrained spaces in the car cabin. As a result, they can be used with one hand. Furthermore, Cordless Car Vaccum Cleaners allow you to clean all the corners of your car without keeping the device connected.
GoMechanic Car Vacuum Cleaners generate adequate suction power for wet & dry vacuuming inside a car cabin. Car Vacuum Cleaners are capable of generating up to 8000pa of suction power and some models generate even more. A suction power of 5000pa to 6000pa is usually sufficient for wet & dry vacuuming inside a car.
Car Vacuum Cleaners usually consume very nominal power and hence, can be powered by the 12V charging socket present inside all modern cars. Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaners available at GoMechanic Accessories are even more useful as they can run up to 30mins on a single charge & clean the interiors completely before the battery runs out. 
GoMechanic Accessories accept both online & offline payments. You can pay online using Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI & Mobile Wallets and get extra discounts. Besides, you can also choose to pay using Cash on Delivery and make offline payments at the time of delivery.

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