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Genuine Quality
Genuine Quality
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Easy Returns
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Diverse Options
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    The products are remarkably good for cars and bikes, good quality Car Cleaning Accessories available here.
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    The products offered by them are all equally amazing. I buy all the car cleaning products from their website. One place for all my needs!!
    Sunil Gautam
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    The Microfiber Cloth offered by them are very helpful. I am using them for a long time. They provide a smooth finish to the exterior of my car.
    Gurpreet Singh
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    The mobile app of their workshop is very helpful. I use it to order car cleaning products and services. Good Job by the team!!!!
    Narinder Singh
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    The services availed by them are not at all expensive. All the products and services can be bought at reasonable prices. Best place for the middle class.
    Sana Saifi
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Shampoos & Cleaners

Car cleaning consists of different types of products and services that keep the exterior and interior of a car clean. We often forget to take care of the surface of our cars that gets exposed to the outside dust and dirt. Car cleaning services and accessories help us in keeping the exterior and interior of our car-free from dirt and protects it from scratches. Usually, it is advised to clean your car once a month so that it preserves its original beauty. Car workshops like us use specialized tools and skilled workers to make your car completely free from pollutants. 

There are different kinds of specialized tools that we offer on our website and workshop that are excellent to keep your car clean.

Microfiber Dusting Cleaning Glove

This cleaning glove is made up of microfibers. These types of gloves are double-sided that allows you to expertly clean the surface of your car. The microfibers make it gentle to the paint and enable it to clean more surface area. This cleaning glove is suitable for all types of cars be it a Sedan or an SUV.

3M Shampoo

While driving we don't realise how much the surface of our car gets exposed to the outside dirt and grime. It becomes important to clean the surface so that it maintains its shine. We on our website and workshops provide the 3M shampoo. It helps in eliminating the dirt and grime on the surface of your car. Its biodegradable phosphate-free cleaning formula makes it suitable for all types of cars. The rinse foam helps in cleaning all kinds of stain and dirt and makes the surface shiny and neat.

Windshield Washer

The windshield is responsible for providing a clear vision to the driver. If your windshield is not clean then your driving can be jeopardised. To keep your windshield clean we have different varieties of windshield cleaners that help in eliminating the road film, dirt etc that sticks to the glass surface. Its phosphate-free components improve the night vision for a driver. Along with that, it increases the life of windscreen and wiper blades. This premium product is available in different varieties at affordable prices.

Tyre Dresser

A car travels different roads, destinations and routes. While travelling the tyres lose their overall look and performance. We provide different types of tyre dressers on our website and workshops which help in improving the condition of the tyres. These dressers are amazing gloss that helps in restoring the overall look and preventing cracking. In simple words, it increases the life of car tyres. Also, it leaves no dust marks. We provide tyre dressers for all kinds of cars.


To keep the car-free from dirt patches and grime, car cleaning accessories and services are very important. Every car demands frequent car cleaning services to keep its original beauty preserved. To avail of exciting offers on car cleaning accessories and services go visit the GoMechanic website. We provide premium products at affordable prices. Hurry up!!!

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Using any ordinary shampoo such as hair shampoo can leave white spots & do more harm to a car's painted surface than good. However, Car Shampoos are pH balanced and safe to use on painted & clear-coated surfaces. Ordinary shampoo can also corrode protective coatings such as car wax or clear coat. GoMechanic Accessories recommends using only Car Shampoo to wash a car.
When choosing a car shampoo, there are a few key factors to consider. First, look for a product that is specifically formulated for use on automotive paint finishes. This will help to ensure that the shampoo is pH-neutral and gentle on the paint. Next, consider the type of cleaning power you need. If your car is heavily soiled, you may want to choose a shampoo with stronger cleaning properties. Finally, consider any additional features that may be important to you, such as a pleasant scent or the inclusion of wax or other protective agents.
A Car Wax Shampoo contains Car Wax additives in a Car Shampoo and provides the ultimate wash and shine to any painted car surface. The Car Shampoo is enriched with gloss enhancers and high-quality Car Wax which forms a protective wax layer after every wash and renders and long-lasting glossy shine to a car's painted surface.
Cleaning & washing car interiors must be done with specialised Foam Cleaners instead of car shampoo which is meant only for cleaning the exterior of a car. Interior Foam Cleaners are specially formulated to remove dirt & grime from interior components such as dashboards, upholstery, carpets, floor mats, plastic parts etc. You can find specialised Dashboard Dressers, Multipurpose Cleaners, Leather Seat Cleaners etc., from top-selling brands online on the GoMechanic Accessories website.
Yes absolutely! You can shop bestselling Car Shampoos & Cleaners from renowned brands such as Turtle Wax, 3M, Waxpol, Vista & others on the GoMechanic Accessories website and get them home delivered free of cost. GoMechanic Accessories provide free home delivery of Car Shampoos & Cleaners throughout India on all orders equal to or above ₹399/-.

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