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Car wipers

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Diverse Options
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  • Noise Free
    The Wiper Blades are Noise free, there’s no Screeching sound when it swipes across the glass.
    Arun Rathee
  • Premium Quality
    The rubber of the Car Wiper blades is of really good quality, been using it for 5 months and there’s no visible damage so far.
    Shivani Mehroliya
  • Exceptional Performance
    The Hybrid Wiper blades are very good for all weather conditions, it gives an exceptional wiping performance.
    Vansh Dixit
  • Variety
    At GoMechanic you can find a variety of Wipers like; Conventional Wiper Blades, Beam Wiper Blades and Hybrid Wiper Blades.
    Tushar Goenka
  • Long Lasting
    The Car Wiper Blades are made with such good quality that as compared to others it easily lasts for 1- 2 years.
    Ravi Agarwal
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Car wipers
The majority of drivers are unlikely to give windshield wipers and washer systems much thought. If you get caught in a rainstorm, a snowfall, get splashed with mud or slush, or run into a swarm of bugs, the first thing that comes to mind is your windshield wipers and washer system. Wipers are one of the few widely visible components that a driver can simply replace. They're necessary for clearing rain, snow, ice, dust, pollen, and other particles from your windscreen so you can see clearly while driving because poor vision is a common cause of car accidents, windshield wipers, as well as lights and interior ventilation, are essential for driving safety. Modern windshield wiper and washer systems come with a variety of enhanced functions and settings. Modern systems are made, to be simple to use, highly effective, and the ones that aid in maintaining clear eyesight while driving. Many of us have discovered, that a part of the rubber portion of the wiper blade is peeling away or missing, followed by a dreadful screeching sound as the damaged sections drag across the windshield when we switch them on. That sound indicates that you may be using your windshield regularly. Wiper blade maintenance and inspection are critical for the longevity of your windshield and, more significantly, for your safety on the road. Cleaning wiper blades is as simple as rubbing a moist cloth down the rubber blade's edge. This will clear away any dust, dirt, debris, or grime that has accumulated over time, allowing your wipers to perform more efficiently and last longer. Next, look at how well your windshield washer system is working. Check the washer fluid level and, if necessary, add more. It's critical to keep the right combination of antifreeze and washer fluid for the environment you live in. Use only distilled water in your washer. It may freeze in the winter or become infected with bacteria throughout the summer. Inspect the spray nozzles on the wiper system to ensure that they are spraying uniformly across the windshield glass and covering the whole area being cleaned by the wiper blades. Driving safely requires a high level of visibility. When a rainstorm or snowstorm strikes, be sure you're ready. Regularly, inspect your wiper blades. When necessary, replace them. Examine the operation of your washer. When necessary, add washer fluid and make sure the right combination is maintained. Maintaining your wipers and washer system is a simple and inexpensive way to maintain your and your family's safety while driving. Some automobiles even include headlamp washers and wipers. Vehicles with electric seats, mirrors, and sunroofs are becoming more widespread. The cruise control technology was created to help reduce driver Tiredness on extended highway trips. The wiper system's principal goal is to keep the windscreen clean enough to give an adequate view at all times. A rubber wiper blade needs a lot of effort to move across a glass surface, especially when it has to sweep away a lot of water or snow. Modern vehicles' windscreens have a two-fold curve, necessitating lengthy articulated wiper blades that can flex to the glass's shape. Looking for good-quality Windshield Wipers? Check out the GoMechanic website today!
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Car wipers prices in India
Blaupunkt Velocity Flexi Wiper Blade With Multi Adapter 22"521
Blaupunkt PREMIUM WIPER BLADE 18"189
Blaupunkt Velocity Flexi Wiper Blade With Multi Adapter 16"472
Blaupunkt PREMIUM WIPER BLADE 19"198
Blaupunkt Velocity Flexi Wiper Blade With Multi Adapter 21"526
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Windshield Wipers at GoMechanic are of a very high quality they last approximately for 1 to 2 years.
Yes, you can use a regular Car Shampoo to clean your Windshield Wipers.
There’s not much you need to do to maintain your Wipers, cleaning them every now and then with a damp cloth keeps them as good as new.
Look for signs like: If the rubber on the blades is cracking or falling, if your Wipers are leaving streaks, if the frame of the blade is bent or damaged. It is then, that you need a replacement for your wiper blades.
The delivery time for products is 10 working days post the date of order. However, this is just a window that we keep. Products usually get delivered before stipulated time.
We accept all types of UPIs, credit/debit cards, net banking and cash on delivery payments at GoMechanic.

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