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    Got new door visors from GoMechanic and boy they are a perfect size and shape for my car. Easily fits in & doesn't look odd.
    Vikas chaudhary
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Door Visors

Cars are emotions, and driving your car is an emotional experience. Perhaps this sentimental connection pushes us to innovate every day with car accessories that can add an extra layer of protection to the car and the car's occupants alike. Advanced plastic technology and chemical engineering have blessed us with durable material that can be used to devise protective car accessories. One such essential car accessory is a car door visor. 


A car door visor is a simple, easy to install & use and extremely useful car accessory used in modern-day cars. Most commercially available car models do not come factory-fitted with car visors, so you might find it difficult to perceive unless you have seen one or searched on the internet. A door visor is a narrow visor that sits on the top of a car door and serves to protect against the elements of the environment. Primarily, door visors help reduce the direct impact of the sun's rays on the windows and, in turn, on the occupants inside the car. However, besides sun protection, door visors can also act as wind deflectors. In addition, door visors can also help improve the aerodynamic stance of the vehicle and provide an aesthetic appeal to any car. 


The aesthetic stance of car door visors might differ from person to person as some find them absolutely stunning while others despise the looks rendered when visors are fitted on all four doors of a vehicle. However, from the performance point of view, there is no denying that car visors are a life-saver. Especially when tinted windows are illegal in India, car door visors are extremely useful in keeping direct sunlight from blazing out your consoles and making them difficult to see. 

Sun is not the only element of the environment that car door visors protect against. Car door visors can also help protect against rain, especially when parked in the rain or driving in the rain. Anyone who has driven their car during the monsoons knows how humid the inside can get. However, if it is raining outside, there is no way to roll down the windows without rainwater entering your car. Thanks to car door visors because it is possible to roll down the windows a couple of notches without having to worry about rainwater getting inside your vehicle. The door visor offers adequate protection and helps keep away splashes even with the windows rolled down a couple of notches. 


The most crucial aspect to check when purchasing a door visor online is, however, the build quality and the durability of the material. At GoMechanic, we are proud to offer only the best quality car door visors, which are fade-proof and last a lifetime. The models available at GoMechanic are also incredibly lightweight and easy to install with just double-sided tape that comes pre-installed on the backside of the door visor. There is nothing easier than choosing a door visor for your vehicle and installing it quickly on your own. 

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This data was last updated on 8/12/2022


Door visors installed on a car help protect against the elements of the environment. Primarily, they act as a sunshade and reduce splashes of rain directly on your window. Some visors also act as wind deflectors.

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