Tissue Box For Cars

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Parcit tissue box:

  • Conventional tissue holder is big and takes up a lot of space in a car, and sometimes it blocks your view too while driving. Moreover, when you are driving alone and the tissue box is placed at the back of the seat, it can be very troublesome to reach the tissue.
  • Now, we introduce you to this creative tissue holder! You just need to install it on the sun visor, and it’s so convenient to reach while you are driving too. Easily Fits Any Car Sun visor. Simple and fashionable design, fully functional and practical. Easy fix, and easy to use.
  • The tissue box is filled with a complimentary pack of tissues. Hence you can use it immediately. Later you can refill with your tissue papers.
  • Material – P.U. Dimension – 23 x 12 x 2 Cm.

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