Tyre Gauge For Cars

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Parcit Tyre gauge:

  • Why you Need this: – Maintain correct pressure in the tyre will increase the life of the tyre by up to 25%, increase fuel economy and improve overall driving performance. Digital tyre pressure tester comes handy in measuring tyre air pressure from time to time.
  • Easy to Use: – This tyre pressure gauge has a Press “ON/UNIT/OFF” button for control; automatically shuts off within 60 seconds when not in use.
  • Digital Display: – This digital tyre air pressure tester has a back-light LCD that display instant and accurate results as compared to analogue pressure gauge meter.
  • Usage: – Can be used for cars, SUV and bikes. As you place the instrument’s nozzle onto the tyre’s valve it is sealed for quick and accurate measurement via tyre air pressure gauge. Note: Ensure that a good seal exists between the nozzle and the valve by pressing tight.
  • Power – 1x CR 2032 battery.

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