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Dashboard Warning Lights


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Do you too find yourself wondering while driving what those little dashboard symbols in front of you mean, or why they are present in your car? Well, you are not alone, and we know that it may feel daunting to learn about so many little dashboard signs, but let us make it super easy for you in this article. These symbols are precisely known as dashboard warning lights and can be super useful to know about to help your favourite car keep running smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, they can be indicative of grave underlying problems in your car.

Car Dashboard Warning Lights

Now that you know why you should learn about these dashboard lights let us proceed with them one at a time!

1. Check Engine

One of the most important car warning lights. It is shaped like the silhouette of the engine itself and can mean anything from an acute emergency, needing immediate assistance to just a faulty gas cap that can be addressed a bit later. Mostly when this car warning light comes up, it is not of very great concern – but should definitely not be ignored.

If you see a yellow ‘check engine’ dashboard symbol light up, it usually means that something wrong is going on under your dashboard but can be addressed later, once you finish your journey. However, if you find the light blinking or turning red, drive to the nearest GoMechanic car service centre in Malaysia and get the problem addressed as soon as possible via complete Engine Scanning.

2. Temperature Control

Shaped like a thermometer (obviously), this dashboard light should be taken very seriously. It means that your engine is overheated, and continuing to drive in such circumstances can lead to really expensive damage to your car’s engine. The engine usually overheats when there isn’t enough coolant or antifreeze in the system, or if the radiator cap isn’t sealed properly, leading to coolant leaks.

Along with this car dashboard symbol, if you find a white gas emanating from the exhaust, it could mean your car has a blown gasket. In this case, you are advised to turn off the engine immediately and contact the nearest GoMechanic car service centre.

3. Battery

This is one of those dashboard lights that will catch your attention as you will immediately know that it has something to do with the battery because of its very evident shape. Now, when this car warning light comes up, there is usually nothing to panic about. You can easily drive to the nearest GoMechanic car workshop and get this problem checked. But don’t prolong this process for too long, lest the battery dies out and your car stops functioning.

Apart from this dashboard light flashing, other indicators for the low battery charge could be the headlights failing (which can be a serious problem at night) or the radio shutting down. There can be other reasons too for this dashboard symbol coming up, such as a problem with your car’s wiring or alternator. It is best to get your battery checked by the expert car mechanics at GoMechanic as soon as you can. You can also choose our original Century, Amaron or Varta Batteries for your car.

4. Low Fuel

The most basic dashboard light we are all aware of. Shaped like the petrol fuel stops, this car warning light will inform you when your car is running low on fuel. While it is safe to keep driving with this car warning light on, you may want to make a visit to the petrol pump soon if you don’t want your car stopping in the middle of the road! Just in case your car does stop, just call up the nearest GoMechanic car service centre in Malaysia and we will arrive to assist you asap!

If you feel you are utilizing more fuel than ever, or if this dashboard light comes up too frequently, it could mean that you have a fuel leak. Get it checked with the Car Fluids Check Service at GoMechanic!

5. Oil Pressure

Although this dashboard light looks magical with its genie’s lamp look, in reality, it is a lot less charming and should be taken very seriously if it shows up. It can mean anything from having a low oil pressure to having an engine leak. With this car warning light blinking, it is best to have a thorough checkup done with General Inspection Service at GoMechanic for your car to diagnose serious problems.

Do not keep driving your car for extended periods of time if the oil pressure warning light is showing up. If adding oil turns off the dashboard light, it’s great. If not, do get it checked at our car workshop as soon as you can. You can also opt for different Inspection Services at GoMechanic Malaysia.

6. Tyre Pressure

This dashboard warning light can be a difficult one to crack if you are not already aware of it. Shaped like two-thirds of a tyre with an exclamation mark in the middle, this car light symbol alerts you when tire pressure is too low and can lead to unsafe driving. Although you can continue to drive until you have a completely flat tyre, it is best to pull up and get the pressures of your car checked at GoMechanic.

Even after inflating the tyres, if the dashboard light continues to light up, it could be a case of severe damage to the tyre causing a leak.

7. Brake Light

It’s one of the oldest dashboard lights and looks like a bright red circle inside two circular arcs with an exclamation mark (some cars also have a ‘P’ instead). It usually shows up if you drive the car with the parking brake partially engaged. More serious causes can be a problem with the anti-lock braking system, worn brake pads, or low brake fluid levels. Another indicator of a brake failure could be the brake feeling too spongy when you press it.

While this car light symbol doesn’t scream an emergency, you might want the expert car mechanics at GoMechanic to look into the problem and avoid any accidents during panic situations.

8. Door Open

This car dashboard symbol is relatively easy to understand, we hope. Yes, it means you have an improperly closed door in the car. Although not a serious car warning light, it can be dangerous if the door opens suddenly while you are driving the car.

A simple action of opening and closing the door again should be enough to switch off this dashboard light. Note that an open boot or bonnet can also be the reason why you see this car light symbol. If you face problems with the door latch, you can get it repaired at the nearest GoMechanic car workshop.

9. Seatbelt Warning Light

It is fairly easy to decipher with its name and symbol, this dashboard light comes up if you or your passenger forget to secure the seatbelt. Yes, you can still continue to drive, but with the annoying noise that accompanies this car warning light, you might as well put the belt on! It is much safer and will save you from suffering significant injuries in case of an unfortunate accident.

10. Traction Control

This dashboard light looks like a car pleasantly driving down a country road, but the reality is far from it. This car light symbol is supposed to represent your vehicle avoiding slipping and sliding all over the road. When you hit the gas pedal during excessive rain or snow, chances are this light will show up, and it only means that your car is functioning properly.

However, if the dashboard warning light shows up on a plane surface when you are driving at a moderate speed, it could be indicative of a flawed system. But don’t worry, you can get your car checked by our expert car mechanics from the nearest GoMechanic car service centre.

Now that you are well aware of the most common and major dashboard lights, we hope you can make well-informed and better decisions for your car. It is not wise to ignore any car warning light or trying to solve major problems on your own, lest you do more damage than good. If unsure, do visit the nearest GoMechanic car workshop in Malaysia, and our team of expert car mechanics will take care of all your car problems!

Akshat Ajeya Lead, Content & Creatives at GoMechanic | Automobile Scale Model Collector | DIY guy | Consumer of many foods | CVT is not that bad