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10 Car Troubles To Get Rid Of This Dussehra

The festive season is here, and the occasion of Dussehra has always been an iconic festival. It marks the victory of good over evil; it is very similar to our daily lives. Be it real-life issues or first-world troubles; we go through them all. Let’s look at some car troubles we should get rid of today:

  1. Battery Problems

    Battery care
    Battery care

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    A battery is one of the most vital elements of a car. It helps in starting the vehicle and also runs the electrical systems. Symptoms such as malfunctioning electrical and dim headlights indicate battery problems. Whether repair or replacement, our experts can handle it all and make your troubles disappear.

  2. Uneven Alignment

    Wheel Alignment Service on a 2018 Hyundai Santro
    Wheel Alignment Service

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    The following car problem on our list is alignment. If you are driving in a straight line and if your car tends to sway in either direction when your steering is left free. That means you need to get the alignment checked. Our tyre experts can sort out your alignment issues in no time.

  3. Dents & Scratches

    Dent Removal And Body Filler On Car
    Dent Removal And Body Filler

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    It is impossible to avoid problems in life; dents are the same inevitable troubles you cannot avoid. Dents & scratches always find their way to your car and harm the body and looks of your vehicle. But it’s nothing to worry about. Our denting shop is among the best and can make your car as good as new.

  4. AC Issues

    How a Car AC work? Automotive Air Conditioning Explained
    How does a Car AC work? Automotive Air Conditioning Explained

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    The next on our list is the air conditioning system. It can also be prone to many issues depending on the usage. Be it a simple filter cleaning on a full service; we can cater to it all. Aircon systems have come a long way from cooling to dual-zone climate control and need appropriate maintenance.

  5. Unusual Exhaust Smoke

    Diesel Exhaust
    Diesel Exhaust

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    The exhaust system emits a lot of gases from the combustion chamber. Multiple types of smoke indicate different kinds of issues. White, black & blue are the common ones that show some problems. If you notice any unusual smoke coming out of your exhaust, just let us know. This Dussehra you can get rid of such car troubles and make sure your car functions well.

  6. Squeaky Brakes

    How to make your car brakes last long
    How to make your car brakes last long

    If you drive aggressively and overspeed frequently, your brakes will wear out quickly. If you notice any unpleasant squeaky sounds during braking, you must get them checked to diagnose & let us replace the brake pads or repair the system.

  7. Low Fuel Efficiency


    Driving with a heavy right foot can be the primary cause of a not-so-fuel-efficient engine. But if you are still facing low fuel efficiency after responsible driving, it is better to get the car checked. A delay in the car service can also cause this kind of performance drop, but there is nothing to worry about. Our experts can do everything while you can sit and relax at home.

  8. Faded Paint

    2 year warranty on Paint Job
    2 year warranty on Paint Job

    The next element on our list is the paint job. We all loved it when our car had a new finish & paint job, but it tends to fade with time due to environmental factors. This Dussehra, you can bring new life to your car exterior with a fresh paint job for your car.

  9. Dirty Interior

    Cleaning the interior
    Cleaning the interior

    We all get so busy we miss out on things like cleaning the car’s interior. The cabin also needs a periodic deep cleaning, which is the best time to get one and have a fresh interior for the festive season. Be it preparing for festivals such as Dussehra & Diwali or just coping with our daily lives.

  10. Engine Overheating

    Smoke coming out of the engine

    The combustion process of burning fuel produces a lot of heat, and to keep the system cool, the car needs components such as radiators to help. If the temperature gauge in your car is going towards red, then it is time to get your engine checked. You can contact our experts, who will take care of the rest.

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