10 Reasons Why a 2011 Hyundai i10 is a Good Second Hand Used Car

10 reasons why a 2011 hyundai i10 is a good second hand used car

We have seen that car sales have started reviving. The numbers are finally up in June 2020. Among all those talking about the new car sales, the used car market has also seen a sudden high. Considering the current scenario, many people are choosing used cars over new cars. In today’s featured, we are going to talk about a feature-packed hatch which was launch in India in 2011 (Although the i10 was launched in 2007, this article is about the second generation which came out in 2011).

Next-gen Hyundai i10

The next-gen Hyundai i10 had some features back in 2011 which you will get in a modern-day car belonging to the same price segment. Let’s have a look at how finding a good used Hyundai i10 can fulfil your needs for the modern-day features.

But, inspect before you buy:

  1. Keyless Entry (Foldable Key)

    Foldable Key Hyundai i10

    Back in 2011, when other car makers were offering keyless entry and foldable keys in high-end cars only, Hyundai decided to give all the hatchback customers an absolute delight by offering such a feature in the i10. A foldable key not only gave you that premium feel but was also easy to store and protect. If you choose to go for a used Hyundai i10, the owner will obviously have this stylish Hyundai foldable key. This feature was available in the Asta variant of the Hyundai i10.

  2. Blue interior illumination

    2011 Hyundai i10 interior

    Are you fond of ambient lighting? Well, Hyundai took a step ahead for all the hatchback buyers and introduced a feature which looked somewhat like ambient lighting. Hyundai followed a colour code which was blue. The cabin was illuminated by blue lights in the night. Be it the infotainment or the MID, all of it was blue. Being an i10 owner since the past 8 years, I can tell you that it still looks exceptionally well while you drive it at night.

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  3. Automatic Transmission

    2011 Hyundai i10 Automatic

    Hyundai came out with an automatic variant of the i10 when automatic cars were not a part of the trend in India. With more automakers putting automatic gearboxes in their cars, later on, people definitely prefer it nowadays. But if you are looking for a used car with an automatic gearbox, Hyundai i10 will not disappoint you at all. This is the most important among all the Hyundai i10 features on our list. FYI, the automatic gearbox was available in Sportz, Sportz(O) and Asta variants of the Korean hatch.

  4. Gear Shift Indicator

    2011 Hyundai i10 Gear Shift Indicator | Source

    Now you would say that finding an automatic Hyundai i10 would be a difficult job. Just to let you know, Hyundai had something in the house for the manual i10 owners as well. This was the gear-shift indicator. A common feature in today’s cars, this indicator wasn’t that common back in the past and stands as a major one in the Hyundai i10 features which still make it compete with many modern-day competitors!

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  5. Heated ORVMs

    Heated ORVM on the 2011 Hyundai i10

    Name a hatchback other than the i10 from the 2010 era that has got this feature. You will struggle to find any for sure. Hyundai i10 was the first-in-segment to have a heated ORVM! Many modern-day hatches still haven’t got it! What else, these mirrors were also electronically adjustable! We know this is a common feature in 2020 but just think about how revolutionary it was back in 2011!

  6. AUX and USB connectivity

    AUX & USB Support on the 2011 i10 | Source

    When the people were searching the aftermarket for aux and USB enabled stereo systems in their cars, Hyundai came out with a really sophisticated dashboard integrated music system. However, just to maintain the uniformity, they provided the aux and USB ports near the gear lever.  Many brands failed to provide these connectivity features with such cleanliness back then. For those saying AUX and USB are outdated, hold on till you read the next feature on our list!

  7. Bluetooth Connectivity

    2011 Hyundai i10 Bluetooth Connectivity | Source

    Bluetooth connectivity also stands among one of the most modern-day features that Hyundai i10 had on offer. While most of the cars have got Bluetooth connectivity now, Hyundai offered this feature in the 2011 variant which was definitely worth praise! You could attend calls, play music and do all the things that a modern-day car offers you in the capability of Bluetooth connectivity!

  8. Steering Mounted Audio Controls

    2011 Hyundai i10 Steering | Source

    Controlling the music/infotainment system is a hassle for you too? The Hyundai i10 offered you steering mounted audio controls too! With Bluetooth connectivity and steering mounted controls, this car formed a perfect package for those looking for entertainment and connectivity features. As mentioned many times above, modern-day cars have it but the i10 having it in 2011 was surely a thing to consider while making a choice.

  9. Electronic Sunroof

    2011 Hyundai i10 Sunroof | Source

    You need to be extremely lucky to find this model in the used car market. Listing down all the Hyundai i10 features, how could we miss out on the sunroof? i10 offered an electronic sunroof in the top-end variant Asta which made it an absolute delight for all the customers back then. With major automakers investing in putting sunroof in small cars nowadays, we guess Hyundai was already ahead in the league!

  10. Fuel Mileage of 20.36 kmpl

    2011 Hyundai i10

    Not a feature exactly but Indians always consider mileage before buying a car. Just to let you know, Hyundai i10 had an ARAI certified mileage of 20.39kmpl which was the best-in-class mileage back then beating the competitors like the Maruti Alto K10 and the Chevrolet Beat. Depending upon how the car has been maintained, you can easily get good mileage from a Hyundai i10 in the present times also.

These were the 10 Hyundai i10 features that can still make it stand strong in the league of feature-packed hatches. Although this car was discontinued and replaced by the Grand i10, you can find it in the used car market in abundant numbers and believe us you won’t be disappointed if you buy one for yourself!