10 Year Old Honda Brio Epic Makeover | Car Service + Denting Painting

10-Year-Old Honda Brio EPIC Makeover

Honda launched the cute little Brio hatchback in 2011; it was meant to compete against some stalwarts like the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20. However, it wasn’t well received by the consumers and was discontinued soon.

The used car market is massive in India – you can get well-maintained cars at a fraction of their launch price, and buyers get a chance to buy their dream car without burning a hole in their pocket. Such is the case with this Honda.

Apart from mechanical problems, this Brio was in dire need of repair. Unfortunately, it came with a cracked bumper, punctured floorboards and countless dents and scratches. Watch this epic transformation of this epic Honda.

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We started with servicing the car; we first started by draining the old engine oil and filling it with a 0W-40 fully synthetic one. After changing the engine oil, replacing the old oil filter is a must. After that, we went ahead with replacing the old air filter; it was heavily clogged with dust and was in dire need of replacement.

All the essential fluids, like windshield washer fluid, coolant and brake fluid, were also topped up. During the general checkup, we learned that the wiper blades are done well, and they are scratching against the windshield. So, we replaced them with genuine GoMechanic Vision Pro windshield wiper blades.

The brake pads were in good condition when we looked at them. So they were sanded to remove the brake dust and fitted again onto the vehicle. In the end, a thorough cleanup of the condenser was done to make the air-conditioning better. With this, the mechanical part of this bruised and battered Honda Brio.

After the car was mechanically sorted, we started the denting and painting process. The front bumper was completely shattered and desperately needed a replacement. A new OES  replacement bumper was ordered. The rear bumper had a few scuffs and scratches, and it just needed a fresh layer of paint. The floorboards were worst; they were completely punctured and dented. It took a lot of time to take out the dents and return them to their original shape.

After the denting work was done, it was time for paint preparation. First, body fillers and putty were added to make the surface smooth for painting. Next, it was sanded down to remove any imperfections. In the end, masking was done carefully, and the car was moved to the final painting step. The final results were something to be proud of, and the car seemed like a new one. The customer couldn’t believe his eyes, and this car was good to go for many more years.