Good news for all the Alexa lovers as the Alexa is now available in your car! With smart cars becoming a reality now, Amazon is leaving no stone unturned to tap into the automotive market with making partnerships and announcing joint ventures with biggies like BMW, Fiat Chrysler and even Lamborghini. So, the day’s not far when Alexa welcomes you in your Lamborghini.

After becoming a hit with the Indian audience, Amazon’s voice assistant is all ready to accompany you on your drives with the Echo Auto. The Echo Auto has been launched in the Indian markets and will be available on Amazon soon.

After bringing in a plethora of Echo devices suitable to different uses and for different price ranges, the Amazon Echo might bring in a revolution in the automotive market with the ability to ‘smart-fy’ your car at just ₹4,999.

So before you go ahead and add it in your cart on Amazon, let’s look at the pros and cons of the much-hyped Amazon Echo Auto.

Amazon Echo Auto | Technical Details and Features

The device has been designed and configured for your car in the best manner. There are certain devices and cars which Amazon has said might not be compatible with the Echo Auto. Here’s a list.

Non-compatible phones Honor (4C, 7X, 7C, 8X)

HTC (Desire 610, M8, M9)

iPhone (4, 4S, 5, 5C)Lenovo K6 Note

Moto E4 Plus

LeEco LePro 3

Micromax Bharat 4

Oppo (A37, A83, F1s)

Samsung Galaxy (J2, J3, J6, J7 Max)

Vivo (Y83, Y81, V9, Y21L)

Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Non-compatible cars Honda Civic (2013), Honda CRV (2014), Toyota Camry (2015), Toyota Corolla (2017)


Smartphone Usage: The Echo Auto supports Android 6.0 iOS 12 or greater but there are certain mobile phones which might not be compatible with the Auto, which is mentioned in the list above.

Audio and Processor: Echo Auto comes with 8 microphones so that not a single command goes unheard. It can hear over AC vents noise, traffic noise and even loud music. The device comes with Mediatek MT7697, Intel Dual DSP with Inference Engine.

Privacy Features: Privacy has been given a priority in this model of the Echo. With features like Wake Word technology, streaming indicator, mute button and the feature to listen and delete your voice recordings have made the Alexa score a few points on the privacy scale.

Amazon Echo Auto | How Does it Work?

process for setting the Echo Auto up.
The process of setting the Echo Auto is rather quite easy.

Amazon has always made sure that sophisticated tech shouldn’t be complex to use. The same is the case with Alexa Echo Auto.

Install the Alexa app and connect the Alexa Echo Auto under the name of registered devices in the app.

Echo Auto can be connected to your car’s 12V charging port or the USB port in your car’s media system. Just put in the USB port to charge it up and then connect it with your car’s Bluetooth or if that’s not available, simply use the auxiliary cable and voila! Your device is ready to use.

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Amazon has listed out some of the cars, whose Bluetooth systems aren’t compatible with the Echo Auto.

The device does have an in-built speaker but connects with your car’s media system and plays accordingly.

With its simple usage and a sleek, efficient and compact design and a weight of just 45 grams, this might be a hit with the younger generations as well as the older one, alike.

Amazon Echo Auto | What’s inside?

components inside Echo Auto box
The Echo Auto comes with each and every component that is to be used for setting it up.

The Amazon Echo Auto comes in with the entire setup so that you don’t have to hassle while setting it up in your car.

Inside the box when you order the Alexa Echo Auto, you get a magnetic mount to set it up with the backside of the mount having a protruded part that can be attached to the AC vent without any complex setup procedure.

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Within the box comes an Echo Auto, In-Car Power Adapter, Micro-USB cable (1m), 3.5mm auxiliary cable (1m), Echo Auto Air Vent Mount and Quick Start Guide.

How To Mount The Echo Auto?

Amazon has surely given simplicity a priority in Echo Auto.

2020 Amazon Echo Auto Unboxing & Review
2020 Amazon Echo Auto Unboxing & Review

With the provided mount by Amazon in the packaging itself, the Amazon Echo Auto can be easily mounted on your car’s AC vent. The soft rubber coating on the Echo Auto mount makes sure that the provided mount of the device does not damage or scratch the AC vent of your car.

However, it should be noted that some of the car’s AC vents might not be able to accommodate the Echo Auto. So, a bit of research is required in that sphere.

What Can the Echo Auto Do?

The Echo Auto has a list of functions which it can perform with ease. The versatility of the device is what makes it a bargain at ₹ 4,999.

  1. Your Co-pilot while driving

    The Echo Auto is legit a butler for you, while you drive. With just a voice’s command, you can make the Echo Auto make calls, send messages, get the latest news, read your texts and notifications and play whatever you want it to play.

  2. Stay Up to Date

    With Alexa by your side, don’t fret about reading the newspaper while you’re rushing for work. Get in the car, connect the device and just tell Alexa to “Read the news”. No distractions, no-hassle and you have your own personal news anchor for your morning briefing.

  3. Privacy is priority

    With many people alleging Alexa of breaching privacy and snooping in on personal conversations of the users in the past, Amazon has made sure that this isn’t the case with the Echo Auto. The device comes in with a microphone off button through which you can electronically disconnect the microphones.

  4. Versatility

    Amazon Echo Auto can use a variety of apps to play your desired track or playlist. The device can use Apple Music, Jio Saavn, Ganna and Amazon Prime Music. Just name your desired track and Alexa’s going to find it out for you.

  5. Skilful for you

    Amazon Echo Auto has been inculcated with more than 30,000 skills and still adding. With Alexa’s smart configuration, you can play a game when you’re bored, locate a parking spot nearby, or listen to some insightful Ted Talks while on the move.

Amazon Echo Auto | Pros and Cons

Amazon Echo Auto Unboxing, Setup & Review
Amazon Echo Auto Unboxing, Setup & Review
Pros  Cons
1. Amazingly seamless music streaming quality 1. Needs internet to operate. So, if you go in a no network zone then the Alexa might just be useless.
2. The 8 far-field microphones work seamlessly to recognize your voice amidst traffic, blower noise and loud music 2. It forces you to pick up your phone while navigating. So, that’s a bit of a turn-off.
3. Recognizes your voice in an unparalleled manner. 3. It does bring a bit smart vehicle approach to your vehicle but it won’t add much if your car already has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
4. Makes hands-free drive a reality, with most of the commands accessible just by your voice 4. The number of skills in Echo device isn’t much when compared to the Echo Dot or other variants.

Should you buy the Echo Auto? Our review

Amazon Echo Auto Unboxing, Setup & Review
Amazon Echo Auto Unboxing, Setup & Review

We used Amazon Auto and reviewed a thorough and full thronged test.

The Amazon Auto is a device which is quite interesting and innovative in the field of automotive tech. The Amazon Echo is going to be a hit with the tech and car enthusiasts as the device gives you the best of both worlds.

The device is surely versatile and it does feel like you have got a helping hand while you drive. It does respond amazingly well to commands while driving in a low noise situation with the windows all rolled up.

Although, there were situations when the traffic noise reeled in when the windows were rolled down and the commands had to be repeated twice or thrice.

Whether it’s practical for you? That’s the question depending upon the way you use it. The device thus prompts you to pick up your phone for certain commands and situations like getting directions to a place.

The final say does lie with you depending upon the fact how you use it.

At a price of ₹ 4,999, this device can be termed a game-changer if not revolutionary.

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