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2020 Honda City to Come WITHOUT Touch AC Controls!

Honda is amongst the top players in the Indian automotive market. Honda’s one of the most legendry offings the City laid good grounds for Honda here. In 2014 Honda city went through a transformation and got the touch controls for the AC in the car. But the touch futuristic controls might be not present in the later generations from Honda.

Honda’s Touch AC controls

Honda City touch AC controls
Honda City touch AC controls
  • In India, the 2014 gen Honda city got the elegant and futuristic touch AC controls.
  • Everyone likes these controls as they added the modern look to the City’s interior.
  • Honda’s next offering Jazz also followed the futuristic trend the city offered. This car too attracted a fair set of buyers.

Why did Honda decide to ditch the AC controls?

  • Though the touch AC controls added the futuristic and modern looks to the interior of the car, it took time to get used to the controls.
  • On the other hand, it wasn’t safe adjusting the temperature while driving as touch requires getting your eyes on the road which is not at all recommended.
  • Well, heating AC is one of the most adjusted and fidgeted controls.

Then whats next?

2020 Honda City Interior
2020 Honda City Interior
  • The next-generation Honda City will be one of the first BS6 offerings from the Japanese Carmaker.
  • The car will come with the new AC controls. NEW?? The Honda City will go a generation back. This time around the Honda will equip its cars with the old-school Rotary dials.
  • Even though they are old and outdated but you have to agree that they give a sense of satisfaction while fidgeting and operating them.
  • The drivers will also face fewer problems while adjusting the cabin temperature.

The old Si-Fi AC controls seem cool they lack useability and the mechanical physical touch which the people driving the car always appreciate.

As the Honda City’s launch is near it will surely give a strong fight to the Hyundai’s new 2020 Verna.

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