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2020 Maruti Dzire Vs Rivals; Comparison On All Fronts 

Maruti Suzuki has given its compact sedan Dzire a facelift to make it more appealing against its rivals. Even though Dzire has been always on top of the chart the facelift was needed as new Hyundai Aura, new and updated Honda Amaze, Ford Aspire and Tata Tigor will give Maruti a tough challenge in the coming months.

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We will compare all of the above-mentioned cars on the basis of dimensions, drivetrains and price.


Dzire Aura Amaze Aspire Tigor
Length 3995mm 3995mm 3995mm 3995mm 3992mm
Height 1515mm 1520mm 1498mm 1525mm 1537mm
Width 1735mm 1695mm 1695mm 1704mm 1677mm
Wheelbase 2450mm 2450mm 2470mm 2490mm 2450mm
Wheel Size 15 Inches 15 Inches 15 Inches 15 Inches 15 Inches


Almost all of the sub-4-meter Sedans are similar in size expect Tata Tigor being only 3mm smaller which can be neglected. The only visible difference is in the width of the cars with Dzire being the widest followed by Ford Aspire while Tata Tigor is the most narrow car. In terms of height, Tata Tigor is the tallest and Maruti Dzire is the second shortest one. In terms of wheelbase, Ford Aspire has the longest wheelbase. Dzire has the shortest wheelbase along with Hyundai Aura and Honda Amaze.

2020 Maruti Dzire
2020 Maruti Dzire

2020 Maruti Dzire also didn’t get any new changes in size from the earlier model.

Drive Train

As Maruti Dzire has lost its diesel engine we will only compare the petrol engines. Dzire, however, has gained a new engine which is stronger than the earlier 1.2L K12b engine.

Dzire Aura Amaze Aspire Tigor
Displacement(L) 1.2 1.2/1.0 1.2 1.2 1.2
Type 4 Cyls NA 4 Cyls NA, 3 Cyls Turbo 4cyls NA 3cyls NA 3cyls NA
Horsepower(hp) 90 83/100 90 96 85
Torque(Nm) 113 114/172 110 120 114
Gearbox 5 speed MT/AMT 5Speed MT/AMT(1.2) 5 speed MT/7 speed CVT 5Speed MT 5SPeed MT/AMT
Efficiency (km/l) 23.26 20.5/20.1 18.6/18.3 18.5 19


The only two engines powerful enough to beat the 2020 Maruti Dzire are Hyundai Aura and Ford Aspire. Tigor has the weakest engine of all and also offers the lowest efficiency. Dzire is the most efficient car from the list.

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One of the important aspect of a car as a car with good features is only as good as its price range. Similar to engines, we will compare only the petrol variants.

Dzire Aura Amaze Aspire Tigor
Petrol (Lakhs INR) 5.89-8.80 5.80-8.55 6.10-8.76 5.99-7.44 5.75-7.49


The starting price of the 2020 Maruti Dzire is in the comparable to the rest of the cars however the highest variant is the most costly of its rivals. this is due to the upgrades it has received in the facelift.

Hyundai Aura
Hyundai Aura

The comparison between the sub 4 meters seams have made it clear that there is a choice for everyone depending on the preference of the consumer.

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