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2022 Mahindra Scorpio – N Revealed! Launch On 27th June!

Mahindra has officially teased the 2022 Scorpio, and we’re super excited for the launch! The new Mahindra Scorpio will be called Scorpio – N. The Scorpio – N sits on a completely new platform, the one that houses that Thar. It’s a ladder-on frame chassis that is very capable off the roads! Let’s take a look at the new Mahindra Scorpio – N!

  1. What does the new Mahindra Scorpio look like?

    The new Scorpio – N look fresh, but familiar. Mahindra has made some major changes in the design. The new Scorpio is bigger, looks more modern, and looks even more aggressive. “The Bid Daddy of SUVs” as Mahindra calls the new Scorpio, will be taller, bulkier, and classier!

  2. New Features?

    Yes! The 2022 Scorpio will have a host of new features, including a sunroof, Adrenox-based infotainment, and much more. The instrument cluster will be a blend of analog and digital, maintaining the old-school touch. Features like a 360-degree camera are also expected to make their way on the new Mahindra Scorpio. There is no word from Mahindra about ADAS on the new Scorpio, yet.

  3. Engines on the Mahindra Scorpio

    The Scorpio will most likely offer both Petrol and Diesel options. These will be the tried and tested 2L mStallion Petrol and the 2.2L mHawk Diesel. The power and torque figures are more likely to be closer to the That, however, higher variants might get the sweet power that the XUV700 boasts. 4×4 will be available on the Scorpio, along with a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

  4. Why is it called ‘Scorpio – N’?

    Well, Mahindra plans on keeping the OG Scorpio on sale along with the new one. The older variant will be called the Scorpio Classic and the 2022 variant will be called the Scorpio – N.

  5. Launch

    The Scorpio will be officially launched on 27th June, followed by media drives and reviews. Bookings will most likely begin sometime after the launch, and an attractive introductory price is expected!

While Mahindra launches yet another eagerly awaited SUV for the third consecutive year, we sincerely hope that the waiting periods will be well controlled. The Scorpio will sell out just like the XUV700 did and there must be a solid Supply to Demand plan to keep the buyers happy.

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