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Key Highlights From The 2023 CES!

The Consumer Electronics Show is always a fun place to be at. At the 2023 CES, we saw many new advances in the automotive industry including augmented reality, flying cars, and human-like personalized cars. The tech industry is one of the most innovative ones in the world and bringing this tech to cars is what we really care about. Here are the new automotive technologies we saw at the 2023 CES!

  • BMW iVision Dee

BMW believes that cars will very soon be an integral part of human emotion, and most people will want their cars to be interactive. Showcased at the 2023 CES, the iVision Dee features 240 e-ink panels that can change colors. Well, we have seen this earlier, but this time its different. The e-ink panels can now change to demonstrate human emotions. Imagine the grille of a BMW smiling or frowning, that’s exactly what this car can do. Paired with AI, the car will be able to communicate with the driver, and act as a friend, or buddy as BMW calls it. Apart from this, the e-ink panels can change colors and designs within seconds, so you’ll never get bored with how your car looks!

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  • In-car Gaming unveiled at the 2023 CES

Nvidia is partnering with manufacturers like Hyundai and Polestar to bring a real gaming experience to your car’s back seat. With over 1000 games, rear-seat entertainment is never going to be an issue for gamers. Specifically for EVs, charging times will never be boring now that you can sit back and enjoy an engaging match of Call of Duty while your car charges!

  • Curved displays for your infotainment

At the 2023 CES, tech company Continental revealed a 47.5-inch curved display that will surely revolutionalize the infotainment screen we currently know. Yes, twin screens are common, and even passenger screens are common now, but a single display throughout the dashboard is not common. This curved display will fulfill every need from music, to video streaming, and information display for the driver. Moreover, won’t a single piece of the curved screen look so cool?

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  • Flying cars were shown at the 2023 CES!

Every gen-z child has grown up watching the Jetsons and has dreamed about driving(or piloting?) a flying car. Well at the 2023 CES, Next Future Mobility announced its flying car called Aska 5. This car uses wings to take off and land vertically and can fly up to 250 miles on a single charge. The company plans on releasing this car by 2026, and bookings have already begun for $5000!

  • Other cool stuff at the 2023 CES

Well, these were some of the outstanding innovations at the 2023 CES. Apart from this, Volvo and VW displayed their upcoming EVs with excellent range and futuristic designs. Even Sony showcased the Afeela, which is made in partnership with Honda. We all know that Japanese cars are absolutely state-of-the-art and the Afeela will surely be an exciting product.

Sony-Honda Afeela

Which one of these new technologies did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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