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4 Year Waiting for Land Cruiser? | An Insight

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been around for 70 years and is more of a legacy now. This legendary SUV is known for its toughness &  reliability to get you anywhere and back in one piece. Now the rumor around says there is a four-year waiting period for the legend.

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The Land Cruiser LC300 was revealed last year in a digital event in UAE and immediately caught all the eyes around the globe. It is more than just an SUV; it is more of a family member who takes care of you as you take care of it.

  • New V6 Engine

    Toyota Land Cruiser Engine
    Toyota Land Cruiser Engine

    The 300 series LC is powered by a 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine churning out 410hp & 650Nm torque. A 3.3-liter twin-turbo diesel engine making 305hp & 700Nm torque is also offered. Both of these engine options are mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission. The 0-100km/h time is just 6.7 seconds.

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    Toyota focuses on how passionately the SUV is forged and based on the new TNGA platform with the old frame. It stands on 18-inch wheels and is equipped with all the tech you need. A new welding technique has been used with more structural adhesives to ensure a more rigid and lighter structure.

  • Semiconductor Crises

    The Semiconductor Shortage in the automotive industry // Representation

    In the previous year, the semiconductor shortage severely impacted the automotive industry. As almost all cars are now heavily tech-loaded compared to before, carmakers required this particular semiconductor chip for every model to make sure those features work.

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    It had affected all the car manufacturers and affected the production rate adversely. The chip shortage is the primary reason for the reduced production; hence the latest Land Cruiser will be late to some international markets. It was expected to arrive in the second half of 2022; now, we might welcome it next year.

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  • High Demand

    Toyota has officially made a statement about the delay on their website:

    “Thank you very much for considering and ordering our vehicles. The Land Cruiser has been very well received in Japan and worldwide. We sincerely apologize that it will take a long time to deliver the Land Cruiser to you after you place an order. We sincerely apologize for this. If you place an order now, the delivery time may be up to 4 years. We will do our utmost to shorten the delivery time for our customers.”

    The primary demand for the Land Cruiser is from the middle east, where the previous generations have been dominating the sand dunes in the desert. This is the 6th generation of the SUV and about the same size as the previous generation.
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    It is yet to be introduced in the American markets, which would drive up the demand even more. The interior of the Land Cruiser seems two generations ahead with tons of electronics suites & features to improve the user experience making it effortless to conquer any possible terrain.

    The new irresistible powertrains, along with the armed to the teeth tech and premium interior, make the Land Cruiser the ultimate SUV for any adventure. The reliability & ruggedness that comes along make it the ultimate SUV.

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