5 Essential Car Accessories For Winter


Driving in winter is altogether different from how we drive in normal conditions. Cold weather and freezing temperatures lead to visibility issues and can also take a toll on your car. All these elements make winter driving much more challenging. Certain car accessories for winter make driving under such conditions safer and more pleasant. 

Windshields fogging up and dropping tyre pressure are some of the commonest issues we face while driving in the winter. In worst cases, freezing issues can take a toll on the engine & reduce performance. Car accessories for winter ideally focus on eliminating these issues so that anyone can drive safely while enjoying the winter. 

5 Essential Car Accessories For Winter

Considering increased visibility issues during winter, upgrading to better car lights and using certain ani-fog car accessories for winter are recommended. This read compiles a complete list of all the essential winter car accessories you will ever need for your ride. 

Vista Anti-Fog Spray

An anti-fog treatment of the windshield and windows of your car reduces the fogging issue to a considerable extent. The Vista Anti-fog spray is supremely effective in reducing fogging and providing clear visibility during winter. This can be used for front and rear windshields and windows to ensure better driving visibility. This is one of the must-have winter essential car accessories for anyone. 

Fog Lamps

Conventional high & low-beam headlights lose their effectiveness while driving under foggy conditions. Fog lights work in poor visibility conditions, including fog, mist, snow, and rainy conditions. These lights also make other drivers aware of your presence on the road. Most new cars in India feature stock fog lamps. However, a little more illumination never hurt. 

Anti-Freeze Coolant

In cold climatic conditions, anti-freeze prevents moisture in the engine from freezing and damaging essential engine parts. While it performs conventionally as a high-quality engine coolant, its anti-freeze properties are particularly effective during the cold winter. The GoMechanic Anti-freeze Coolant is one of the most affordable options available online. The freezing point goes down to around -15°C and has anti-rust & anti-corrosion properties. 

Tyre Inflator

For every 10°C drop in temperature, the tyre pressure can drop by 1PSI. This is because of condensing air inside your tyres. A tyre inflator is thus an essential car accessory for winter. Lower tyre pressure can also lead to loss of traction in wet conditions. A handy tyre inflator relieves the pain of visiting the fuel station whenever your tyres need a top-up of air. 

Microfiber Cloths

One cannot simply go wrong with a plain ol’ microfiber cloth. Compared to plain clothes, the microfiber fabric is super absorbent. Just a wipe is often enough to rid your windshield of overnight dew and fog. Plus, microfibers are also the safer way to wipe your car, thanks to their lint-free & streak-free properties. 

Where To Shop Winter Essential Car Accessories?

The winter is just setting on, and the temperatures are dropping every day. It’s time for our rides to gear up and be prepared for the frigid out there. With these Top 5 essential car accessories for winter, there is no way that you can go wrong. As a multi-brand retailer, you can find all the recommended products on the GoMechanic Accessories website