Everyone wants the best in class features in their new cars. While the government has made some safety features mandatory, we still think that some essential features are still missing in the market. Check out this list of 5 features every car should have in 2021.

  1. Auto-dimming Inside Rear View Mirror

    Day-Night IRVM | Must-have Comfort features on cars

Every car has an inside rearview mirror which we use to monitor the traffic coming from behind us. Most cars have a manual dimming feature in this mirror which helps deviate the lights coming from behind. While some cars do not have dimming features at all, we pledge to the manufacturers to make an Auto-dimming Mirror a standard feature in all cars. This is an essential safety measure as we do not want our eyes to go off the road just to adjust the mirror again and again.

  1. Dead Pedal

    Use Dead Pedal

A deal pedal is a kind of footrest on the extreme left in the driver’s side footwell. We think that this is an essential feature because it will help us rest our left foot when it’s not in use. While this is essential in automatic cars, even manual cars should have this feature to make long highway drives comfortable. Along with comfort, it is also necessary for the clutch’s health. Unnecessary pressure on the clutch pedal might burn up the clutch plates faster.

  1. Wireless Charging

    Hyundai Aura Wireless Charger

In the last 2 years, almost all the cars have gotten a charging socket. However, in an ever-evolving world, we need to adapt to new technologies quickly. A wireless charger is a feature that will really increase the convenience of charging up our devices.

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  1. Rear Defoggers

    Rear Defogger | Must-have Comfort features on cars

Almost all cars are now equipped with a front defogger, but a rear windshield defogger is not a standard feature yet. We believe that this is an essential feature, especially considering the erratic rainfall schedule of India.

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  1. Rear Parking Camera

    Rear Parking Camera with Dynamic Guideways

Rear parking cameras are probably the most frequently attached third party accessory. The number of cars on the road is increasing day by day, and parking spaces are getting tighter. It’s high time that manufacturers start rolling out rear cameras as a standard feature in all cars across the range.

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  1. This article is written like it’s 1921, not 2021. Auto dimming mirror? If you can’t switch back and forth with a manual one, you shouldn’t be driving. Rear defrosters, isn’t this a standard feature anyway, not an option. Dead pedal, it’s already there if people actually look.

    • Hi Shawn,
      Yes, indeed you are absolutely right. But this article is exclusively focused on the cars that are sold in the Indian automotive market. Meaning, all the features mentioned in the article do not come as a standard fit in most cars. Stay Pinned! 🙂

  2. I don’t understand how Wireless Charging is an essential feature. How much phones in today’s market support Wireless Charging feature ?

  3. Entertainment system with bluetooth phone connection for hands free calling has to be a must. This is a critical miss

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