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5 Reasons Why Indians Are Ditching Small Cars For SUVs

SUVs have become the core of the Indian passenger vehicle market. Small hatchbacks have been the most selling segment to date, but not anymore. Compact SUVs have taken over that position and left the small hatchbacks behind. There is a strong demand for SUVs in the market reports suggest that more than 600,000 entry-level SUVs such as Brezza and Venue were sold in the first 11 months of FY22. Let’s find out why are Indians ditching small cars:

  1. Affordability & Comfort

    Comfortable 3-Row Cars In India
    Comfortable 3-Row Cars In India

    The price band of premium hatchbacks and entry-level compact SUVs is almost the same. Hence it makes more sense to go for the latter one at the same price as they offer a better package with the same price with a bigger boot.

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    They are more comfortable than hatchbacks and more spacious too, making long drives cosy. With the added room and convenience, the driving experience is enhanced overall, which is always an advantage.

  2. Utility

    Mahindra XUV300: Saftey Utility Vehicle? | Credits: Economic Times
    Mahindra XUV300: Saftey Utility Vehicle? | Credits: Economic Times

    SUV stands for; Sport Utility Vehicle. With utility being right there in the name, that is a trait they cater to regardless of anything. Be it the extra room or the capability to tackle bad roads better; they always offer more.

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    Plenty of hatchback owners who upgraded to compact SUVs has the same opinion as these are more practical. In addition to that, with the rising competition, there are plenty of options to choose from with starters such as Magnite & Punch to Brezza & Nexon. Buyers can find whatever suits them the best.

  3. High Ground Clearance

    Mahindra Scorpio | Ground Clearance
    Mahindra Scorpio | Ground Clearance

    Ground clearance is an essential factor when it comes to Indian roads. We always have new roads made, but the already constructed ones are never maintained. With construction and respective projects for subways, railway tracks and flyovers going on throughout the country, you must have enough ground clearance to clear every patch smoothly.

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    And SUVs never fail to cater to this aspect and have enough ground clearance to tackle bad roads and upright speed bumps smoothly without affecting the cabin much, unlike hatchbacks. They are also more challenging and can withstand more than small hatchbacks.

  4. Road Presence

    Compact SUVs in India with the Best Road Presence
    Compact SUVs in India with the Best Road Presence

    In India, cars are more than just a means of transportation; they are also seen as status symbols. And going with that thought, the bigger car you have, the better off you are according to the society. SUVs cater to that trait, too, with excellent road presence.

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    Cars such as Thar & Scorpio or even Harrier give you a feeling of the king of the road. That tank-like presence and up high driving position with the complete clear view is just a fantastic driving experience.

  5. Sportiness

    Hyundai Venue IMT Is a potent compact SUV
    Hyundai Venue IMT Is a potent compact SUV

    SUVs are known to be more powerful and sporty, and they do have more powerful engines and power than the small hatchbacks. These compact SUVs have at least 100 hp on them, which increases with the turbo variants, and you can get more torque with the diesel version.

    The above-stated factors overall make these compact SUVs a better deal than hatchbacks. Let’s have a look at what the experts have to say about this. Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle, said:

    “The number of new models in the compact SUV segment has more than doubled to about 14. However, the product action in the hatchback space has been very limited. The launches of entry SUVs have ensured more options in the sub-Rs10 lakh range, and it has eaten into the hatchback space as well as sedans.”

    Without a doubt, India has an obsession with SUVs, which grows immensely with time. Which SUV do you love?

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