6 Common Sunroof/Moonroof Problems Reported By Drivers

Most Common Sunroof Problems Reported By Driver

Sunroofs. They appear really fun to use when you buy a new car but just end up being a liability later. They are costly to get and their repairs aren’t cheap either. Below are the six sunroof problems that have been reported by drivers.

You may own a car with a sunroof and may not have witnessed any of these problems which is a good thing. Sooner or later you might experience them (though we hope you don’t).

  1. Sunroof Leaks

    Rubber seals on a sunroof

    Probably the most common problem, sunroof leakage can be a disaster to deal with. It could be because of a clog on the drain of the sunroof or wear and tear of rubber seals. Both cases are not that costly to get fixed but they can cause some serious damage to the interior of your car if water seeps into critical spots.

  2. Glass Scratch/ Cracks

    Shattered Sunroof

    Yes, the sunroof glasses are quite heavy duty and won’t give up that easily but its still glass. It might be tough but no glass is unbreakable. And when it breaks it is just another thing to get fixed. A broken sunroof glass will not have a tint thus allowing the car to get hotter during summer and colder during winter. If the glass is significantly cracked or broken it will mess up the aerodynamics of your car making it use more fuel.

  3. Electrical Issues

    A sunroof operating motor

    Inoperable sunroofs are a nightmare. The main reason for them is probably a dead motor, a faulty switch or a broken fuse. A non-functioning sunroof, while rain is about to pour, is not a situation someone wants to find themselves in. It is easy to find and fix the fuse but it’s better to leave the work to experts and not cause more damage while trying to DIY it. The motor faults are rare but they are in no way cheap to fix.

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  4. Mechanical Issues

    You could have a fully functioning motor but the sunroof might still not close completely. This could be due to dirt or gunk getting stuck in the gears operating the sunroof. You can troubleshoot this yourself by taking out the glass panel and checking the gears. If it is not possible for you to fix, taking it to a car repair shop is probably the best idea.

  5. Sunroof Explosion /Shattering 

    Sunroof after being shattered

    Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds but the only good thing is that it’s quite rare. There is still no consensus about the reason for this happening but most point towards the issue with the glass itself. Small cracks can sabotage the stability of the glass and can cause it to spontaneously shatter. It sounds almost comical and impossible but this has happened a lot in many countries so much so there was a lawsuit against Volkswagen about it.

  6. Rattling While Driving

    This is another not so common one but its a problem nonetheless. You are driving along the road with some peace and quiet and suddenly the sunroof decides that it is now going to violently rattle. This issue is more annoying than an actual problem. To fix it you simply need to lubricate the end of the sunroof. If you did it and it’s still rattling there might be something else causing the problem like an out of alignment sunroof glass. At that point, it’s better to get it checked in a repair shop.

These were the six major issues with sunroofs. As we said earlier if you have not experienced them it might be a good idea to just check for any damage or telltale signs like small cracks in glass and dirt getting filled in drains. Stay safe out there.