Considering that until 1991 India was considered as a closed economy, a large number of cars which ran on the roads could be considered pretty standard unless or until there is a rich relative or cousin who has the money to buy a premium car like Mercedes or a BMW which had all the luxuries.

It is only then that we realise that our experience with a hard winding window, squeaky door handles, and DVD players in cars were so intermittent. Coming to the safety features? well back then there the word safety wasn’t even invented.

The era of change started in the 2000s when carmakers first introduced power windows, AC and power steering, as an option. But the credits should be given to the last decade which served as a major cornerstone for the technological advancements which has made luxury affordable.

We have put together a list of 8 such features which will soon be discontinued from the cars of the future.

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  1. Car Keys

    Car Keys
    Car Keys

    Well, there must have been instances where you have either left your keys in your or forgot them at a friends place. Things are about to change for good as the all-new 2020 Hyundai Elantra is all-set to support an option of a digital key that works via your smartphones NFC (near-field communication) and Bluetooth. 2020 is being considered as the year for major technological advancements which might the physical key a rather useless accessory.

  2. Gear Lever

    Manual Gear lever
    Manual Gear lever

    Next on the list of 8 car features to be discontinued is our beloved gear lever. If you are a car enthusiast you might also like a smooth-shifting gear lever and the how much it excites us while rev-matching every time we get that perfect gear shift. However, the number of manual cars sold say a different story as nowadays people prefer are rather going for automatic cars as they have become cheaper and offer a sense of luxury as the only job of the gear level in an automatic car in is just shift between modes.

    And with our nation moving towards electric mobility the future of the gear lever seems to be in serious jeopardy.

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  3. Roof Antenna

    car roof antenna
    car roof antenna

    Next up on the 8 car features to be discontinued list is the roof antenna Well, we can surely agree that those big whip-like roof antennas never did any to the car and was soon replaced by a much more quirky and sizable shark fin antennas. With time passing by like air its time that car roofs do away with such antennas and to come up with something new like back in the day’s Tata motors featured its first windshield-mounted on the first-gen Indica but then too it failed to make any impact.

  4. Physical Buttons

    physical buttons
    physical buttons

    As the years go by, more and more carmakers are now shifting their focus on the ‘Less is more’ approach by minimising the dashboard layout of a car with replacing all the physical buttons with intricate screens which are touch-sensitive. Taking the MG Hector as an example at it features a massive 10.40-inch touchscreen infotainment system through which all major equippers such as the AC, music, sunroof, doors, windows and even the driver seat can be controlled.

  5. Handbrake


    admit it or not we are so habitual of slightly lifting the handbrake and then shifting it downwards that sometimes people tend to stretch the car to a certain distance without even knowing that they have not unlocked the handbrake. But soon the handbrake will be a thing of the past as the all-new 3030 Hyundai Creta features a motor on each of its brake callipers which squeeze the pads into the discs engaging and disengaging the brakes automatically saving a hell lotta space in the cabin to accommodate other technological advancements.

  6. Analogue Instrument Cluster

    car features to be discontinued
    Analogue instrument cluster

    These analogue instrument cluster also going be a thing of the past and will be replaced by the all-new fully digital instrument cluster as these fully digital instrument cluster offer a much more advanced way of monitoring the cars drive report as well as its health. The next-gen or the 2019 Renault kwid was the most affordable car to feature a fully digital instrumental cluster.

  7. Manual AC

    car features to be discontinued
    Manual Car AC

    Cars that have a manual AC control are considered to be utilitarian as nowadays car manufacturers have replaced the manual regulators through which we could control our car’s AC with a much more sophisticated offering called the climate control which automatically controls the temperature on the inside without you having to reach change the speed of the fan.

  8. Drum Brakes

    car features to be discontinued
    Drum Brakes

    Almost every car which is sold in India features front disc brakes, However, many of them do make use of the drum units at the rear and with that said many carmakers these days have now started offering disc brakes on all four wheels as a standard feature in order to make the car and the drive a much safer experience.



  1. I dont think handbrake are going anywhere to be honest. You are right with the key, every company is now giving flip key. Nice article by the way.

  2. Drum brakes are a cost saving measure for car companies, disk brakes are expensive and increase the overall cost of the vehicle.

    • Absolutely true, Drum brakes are cheap and easy to repair. However, will all the upcoming safety norms, the day is not that far, that car manufacturers will ditch the drum for the disc.

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