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8 Discontinued Car Features We Don’t Really Miss

Technology gets real old really fast! Also, technology is what drives the majority of the markets, including the automobile sector. Now, new gadgets and gizmos arrive almost every month with a car launch; there is/are technologies that we constantly say good buy. Where the small and subtle changes do not surface, some iconic really do. So, in today’s read, we’ll look at the 8 discontinued car features we said goodbye to and will probably not at all miss.

  1. Ashtrays & Cigarette Lighters

    unique car features
    car cigarette lighter

    To increase the safety of the occupants from second-hand smoke and also road safety, in 2015, smoking in cars was banned in India. To add weight to this movement, the car makers in the country stopped providing ashtrays and cigarette lighters as a standard fit for the vehicle. Where there are aftermarket ashtrays and lighters available, everyone should be reminded, that you could get a challan when smoking a vehicle.

  2. Powered/Manual Antenna

    Manual Car Antennas
    Manual Car Antennas

    I still remember, back in 2005, when the Hyundai Accent was new, its GVS variant came with all sorts of latest features. This also included the powered antenna. This is where with a press of a button, the antenna could pop out on its own. On the contrary, the vehicle came with A-pillar mounted antenna that the driver has to lift up to listen to the radio manually. Where the antenna is still a part (not for long though) of the cars in 2022, they surely don’t need to be out to get the FM signal.

  3. Glass Reflective Headlights

    Remembering the Maruti Zen

    Gone are the days when the headlights were like translucent glass (focal glass) to project the light on the road. All-led headlights, HIDs, LED bulbs and more are all the modern types of headlights and headlight bulbs. Also, all the modern passenger vehicles come with a clear lens for the headlights. This was part of almost all the vehicles that were part of the Indian automotive industry in the 2000s.

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  4. Manual Cranking Windows

    Unique car features
    Manual Windows

    There still are vehicles plying on the road that get manual cranking windows. Also, some cars in their base trim also get manually cranking videos. But for the majority of the cars, the manual cranking windows are history. After all, with just a press of a button, the windows can easily roll down, isn’t that cool?

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  5. Manual Steering

    Interior of PAL Peugeot 309 | Credits: TeamBHP
    Interior of PAL Peugeot 309 | Credits: TeamBHP

    The next feature on the list is manual steering, also known as truck steering. It was pretty funny seeing anyone drive in the early 2000s when most of the cars didn’t come with assisted steering; it was quite the effort. That said, with time and technology progressing, the non assisted steering wheel was replaced with hydraulic and later to electronically assisted steering (Which is the part of the majority of cars sold today).

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  6. Cassette Players

    Cassette Player In Old Maruti
    Cassette Player In Old Maruti

    There was a time when instead of Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay, Cassette players were USPs of the car manufacturers. Also, it was considered out of the box when the carmaker offered provision for both a CD as well as a Cassette. Just like the Honda City ZX.

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  7. Fixed Steering Column

    1998 Maruti Omni | Interior
    1998 Maruti Omni | Interior

    With driving comfort increasing so were the setting for the driver to get into his or her comfortable driving position. But this was not the case always. Before the modern cars could say tilt and telescopic steering adjustment, they were first fixed column wheels. You had what you got from the factory, “lena hai to lo into jane do”.

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  8. Bare Bones Car Interiors

    Maruti 1000 | Interior
    Maruti 1000 | Interior

    Coming to one of the most minor old car features we definitely don’t miss, car interiors. Now, most of the cars in the market get a beautiful touch screen occupying the centre of the dash with different colours and textures on the sides. This was not the case earlier. Basic and barebone were the exact two words to describe the old car interiors. It seemed that the old car’s interior was made only with the help of a ruler as it mainly had straight lines and rarely any contours.

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Well, these are the 8 discontinued car features we think are worth mentioning. Let us know in the comment section whether we missed any.

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