Back in 2016, Royal Enfield jumped into the Adventure Touring market with a brand new product, the Himalayan. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Himalayan kick-started the off-road/adventure touring segment in India once again. While the first few batches had their fair share of problems, RE managed to fix them with the BS4 update, and the Himalayan was officially the smoothest Royal Enfield out there (until the 650-Twins came, of course!). The Himalayan has gone through a couple updates since then, but it was nothing major. Now, RE is planning on launching an all new Himalayan! Let’s see what it has in store for us!

  1. What will change on the all new Himalayan?

Well, everything! Royal Enfield intends on making this new avatar of the Himalayan even more off-road focused. Design renders suggest that it will get taller, thinner and sharper so that maneuvering through those trails becomes easier. The image also shows upside-down forks for the front suspension. This will definitely help the Himalayan stay put while cornering, we hope!   It will get a single piece seat and minimal bodywork.

All New Himalayan design render. Credits- Bikewale

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  1. Brand new Engine and Platform!

Royal Enfield is lacing the all new Himalayan on a fresh platform, called the K1 Platform. They are also giving it a new breather, a 450cc Liquid Cooled Engine. This will be the first Liquid Cooled Engine in a Royal Enfield, since they’ve always been a fan of air/oil cooling. We really hope that this engine gets 2-Cylinders, but looking at its purpose, it’s much more likely to get a single-cylinder. This new engine will produce around 40HP, much more than the current 411cc that produces 24.5HP. Torque figures are not out yet, but they should be well above 42-44nm.

Royal Enfield Himalayan
Current Royal Enfield Himalayan

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  1. How much will the all new Himalayan cost?

This is a tough one to answer right now, but you can surely expect a significant hike over the current price. Royal Enfield is mostly planning on making this one more focused for the off-road and touring enthusiasts, because these are the people who need more power and torque. For city riders, RE is planning on launching a Scrambler, based on the outgoing Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Himalayan
Royal Enfield Himalayan
  1. When will it launch?

The all new Himalayan is still in the works, but we do know that RE is quite quick in launching bikes. The all new Himalayan should hit the markets in the next 2 years.

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