Indian roads are full of idiots. If you drive a vehicle you surely know that driving a vehicle here in India is not less than a herculean task. And of course, the people who willingly don’t follow the rules and drive like hooligans put others and their lives in danger.

So, to become a little more cautions and minimise the collateral damage, here are 10 annoying driving problems that people are aware of but usually ignore.

  1. Not following the lanes

    No Lane Driving
    No Lane Driving | Image Source (1) | Bad Driving Habits

    Be it national highways or city roads, there exist white slatted lines that divide the road into lanes.

    • Well, if you are not aware, these lanes are for the driver’s convenience. And many of the drivers are reluctant to drive in the middle of a lane.
    • Depending upon the place you are staying, these lanes have different speed ratings.
    • Meaning? The different lanes have a designated minimum and maximum speed. The vehicle driving in the lane ought to follow the speed limit of that lane.
    • Talking about India, the extreme left lane on the highway if for trucks, and has the least speed rating.
    • Now switching the lanes and moving towards the right, the speed rating of the road increases with the extreme right lane having the maximum limit.
    • Additionally, the right lane is usually for overtaking. Now following the speed of the particular lane or driving in between two lanes is not only cringy but also dangerous for everyone.
  2. Turning from the wrong side of the road

    Road Markings
    Road Markings | Image Source (1) | Bad Driving Habits

    This is something that is an extension of lane driving. On the city roads, the extreme right is for the traffic to just turn right. Whereas the middle lane (in a 3 lane road) is for the vehicles to go straight as well as right.

    • Well, this is something that is even more dangerous than not driving in a lane on highways.
    • Here in India some driver stays in the extreme right lane and go straight, making it difficult for the person in the middle lane to turn and puts him/her in jeopardy.
    • Next, there are some drivers that turn from right from the extreme left lane. And what exactly will you call these people?
  3. Driving on the wrong side of the road

    Wrong Side Driving
    Wrong Side Driving | Image Source (1) | Bad Driving Habits

    Some things are so obvious, that people know what they are doing is wrong and are dangerous but still, they do it. Driving on the wrong side of the road is on the top of the list. Driving in the wrong direction of the moving traffic will be dangerous for everyone. Well, this happens mostly in India, that a truck at times drives on the wrong side of the road. That is seriously threatening.

  4. Tailgating

    Consiquence Of Tailgating
    Consequence Of Tailgating | Image Source (1) | Bad Driving Habits

    State highways and freeways are the sources of highspeed driving across the world. So, it is evident we need to drive while maintaining a fair amount of distance from other vehicles. And tailgating is quite the opposite. If you are not aware of tailgating, this is when a driver drives a couple of feet behind a moving vehicle on the road.

    Hence, tailgating is really dangerous as the common man does not have quick reflexes to react when driving a few feet of the vehicle ahead. This can cause serious accidents at high speed on the freeway.

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  5. Turn Indicator, what are they?

    Turn Indicator
    Turn Indicator | Image Source (1) | Bad Driving Habits

    There is a reason that the carmakers include turn indicators in their vehicles. But what can we say, some drivers are lazy enough not to flick their finger and use them. It can be said, turn indicator is among the most innovative and remarkable equipment of the vehicle, also less used.

    These orange blinkers not only anticipate the turn but have a couple of more functions. So, we request everyone, to avoid accidents and reckless driving by not forgetting to turn on the blinkers before turning. Also, try flicking the turn signal at least 8-10 seconds before turning.

  6. Bunking a traffic signal

    Traffic Signal India
    Traffic Signal India | Image Source (1)

    Another foolish stunt drivers on the road perform is jumping the traffic light. Okay, agreed you might be in a hurry, but reaching your destination late is always over never reaching. Bunking a traffic light puts a lot of lives in jeopardy and crossing a mere traffic light can escalate to a life and death situation. So, avoid doing that.

  7. Over Speeding

    Engine stalling at high RPM
    Over Speeding

    We know going quick is fun, but saving this thrill for a race track is even more mouth-watering. Driving fast, faster than the speed limit again puts everyone’s lives on the road at stake. Not to forget, there are people that are not so responsible drivers and can close you in anytime without indication.

  8. Using cell phones while driving

    Using phones while driving
    Using phones while driving | Image Source (1)

    OH! Come on, many of the new-age cars come with connected car tech or at least Bluetooth to connect your smartphone. Still answering your phone the traditional way is not going to do justice to the technology as well as to the other people on the road.

    If it this way one wants to answer, it is best if he/she pulls over the car to the side of the road or the service lane (if it exists). Also, a situation that is even worse is that there are people checking their social media while driving. You tell me, is feasible to do so?

  9. Driving with a high beam in the city

    Car Headlights Left On At Night | Reasons the car battery is draining
    High Beam

    Possibly *THE* most annoying problem driving at night in Delhi NCR is driving on a high beam. Where driving with the high beam on a poorly lit road is convenient, it will definitely blind the oncoming traffic in the city.

    Also, the city roads usually are well lit and do not require the cars to drive on high beam. Another problem with driving on a high beam in the city is that the person in front will not be able to see the turn signal which also is not convenient at all.

  10. Taking a wrong turning line

    Follow the Right Turning Line
    Follow the Right Turning Line | Image Source (1)

    Did you know when turning in a car or a motorcycle you need to follow a specific turning line? Well, this is something rarely drivers know about. Also, not all the car driving school in India tell about it.

    So, what exactly is a turning line? It is a wide path that needs to be followed when turning a vehicle. If you have to turn right it is always recommended to take a slightly wider turn so that the vehicle coming from the other side doesn’t face any problem.

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