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USA’s Anti-Drunk Driving System, Explained!

It’s a well-known fact that the human species do not settle, which is a positive for the most part. Hence, new tech coming into the market is a no brainer. But what should we focus on is the technology itself. Cars are getting ever safer, for good, though. Now, with most focusing on the driving pleasure,  features and gadgets, the government in the US has exclaimed to develop new tech called Anti-Drunk Driving System. This will add an extra layer of security for the sentence ‘gaadi aaj tera bhai chalayega‘.

Just a man/woman driving a car

This is a problem in every land, where people tend to drive after consuming alcoholic drinks. Despite heavy fines and challans people still put their and others’ lives on the road in jeopardy. To end drink and drive once and for all, the US government has stepped up to mandate that every car manufactured post-2026 come equipped with an Anti-Drunk Driving System.

What is Anti-Drunk Driving System?

night driving tips
Driving at night

As the name suggests, this safety feature will put in an extra barrier to prevent people from driving when they are drunk or not in their senses.

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  • As of now, the obvious thing that comes into the head is that we install a breath analyzer that is connected with the vehicle’s ignition.
  • And every time the driver starts the vehicle, they have to blow into this analyzer.
  • Oh, come on! This seems a lot easy to work upon, but it is far from being feasible.
  • Why would you have to blow every time you turn the vehicle on, right?
  • Hold back; there might be another alternative. Before revealing, let’s hint that this feature requires a little bit of tweaking to an existing safety system.
  • Guessed it? Well, it’s the driver drowsiness detection. Like the drowsiness detector, which reads the driver behaviour to warn and signal, the Anti-Drunk Driving system can have a similar principle.
Drunk Driving

Working behind the Anto-Drunk Driving System

The technology isn’t concrete; hence we can assume it to be close to the drowsiness detection system.

2021 Isuzu MU-X | ADAS
2021 Isuzu MU-X | ADAS
  • The car may use the same sensors as in the level 2 autonomous driving system (ADAS).
  • This is where the car you are driving reads, measures, and adapts to the driver’s behaviours.
  • In the case of the Anti-Drunk Driving system, the sensors in the car will make sure whether you are paying attention. In conjunction, the car also sees if you have slow responses.
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  • And if the car finds the driver not in his/her senses, the vehicle will pull over by itself and turn on hazards (that’s smart).
  • In the end, this feature too is not yet perfect. Still, the driver will be able to get on the road driving. Nonetheless, something is better than nothing.

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It’s indeed necessary!

Driving post an accident How to recover
Drink and Drive consequences

In India and across the world, about 5,000 to 10,000 people lose their lives because of accidents. And many of them are because of drunken driving. Hence, carmakers must make this safety feature a standard fitment across the globe.

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Well, if now this then what? Feel free to comment on what else can be used or done to the car that’ll aid the anti-drunk driving system?

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