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MG Astor VS Creta/Seltos VS Kushaq/Taigun- Detailed Comparison!

MG recently revealed the new Astor for the Indian market. It is the petrol version of the famous MG ZS-ev. The Astor is placed against some of the most popular cars in India, the Creta and the Seltos. It will also be competing with the newly launched VW Taigun and the Skoda Kushaq.

  1. Dimensions

MG Astor Hyundai Creta Kia Seltos Skoda Kushaq VW Taigun
Height 1650mm 1635mm 1645mm 1612mm 1612mm
Width 1809mm 1790mm 1800mm 1760mm 1760mm
Length 4323mm 4300mm 4315mm 4225mm 4221mm
Wheelbase 2585mm 2610mm 2610mm 2651mm 2651mm

The Astor is the tallest, widest and the longest SUV in the segment, but it has the smallest wheelbase. In real-world, the cabin space will be similar to the Creta/Seltos. The Taigun/Kushaq have the highest wheelbases in the segment, and this suggests that they might have the most cabin space.

MG Astor Design
MG Astor
  1. Engines

Astor Creta/Seltos Kushaq/Taigun
· 1.5L NA Petrol Engine- 109HP and 144nm Torque, gets a 6-speed manual or a CVT gearbox.

· 1.3L Turbo Petrol- 138HP and 242nm torque, gets a 6-speed torque converter(AT)

· 1.5L NA Petrol- 113HP and 144nm Torque, gets a 6-speed manual or a CVT gearbox.

· 1.5L Diesel- 113HP and 250nm Torque, gets a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed torque converter(AT)

· 1.4L Turbo Petrol- 138HP and 242nm Torque, gets a 7-speed DCT or a 6-speed manual(only in Seltos)

· 1L Turbo Petrol- 113HP and 178nm Torque, gets a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed torque converter(AT)

· 1.5L Turbo Petrol- 147HP and 250nm torque, gets a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DSG.


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  1. Driving Dynamics

This one is specifically for the enthusiasts :). All five cars get a turbo petrol option; however, the Korean and the Germans take a step further with the dual-clutch gearboxes! The Kushaq and the Taigun are hands down the most fun to drive SUVs here. The lower height contains body roll amazingly well and helps with the handling. The Germans also have the most powerful engines in the segment.

Volkswagen Taigun
  1. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Creta rolls ahead of its competition. Its suspension set-up is softer than others, and the steering is also amongst the lightest. Take up the 1.5L Petrol and couple it with the CVT, and the engine will be as smooth and silent as a cold night’s breeze. The 1.4L Turbo Petrol variant is the perfect option for someone who wants a good blend of comfort and performance.

Updated Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta
  1. Interiors

On the inside, we believe that the Astor looks and feels much better than the competition. A lot more leather and soft-touch materials are used all around, which gives it a very premium feel. What makes the Astor better on the inside is the fact that we can choose between 3 interior color options- red, beige and black. The Astor also gets the largest panoramic sunroof. MG claims that it covers 90% of the roof of the car.

MG Astor Interior
MG Astor Interior
  1. Safety

All 5 SUVs come with decent safety equipment. They all get six airbags, ABS with EBD, Traction Control and Electronic stability control. The Astor has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It gets blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and a lane change assist. None of these cars has been tested by an NCAP body, except the Kia Seltos. The Seltos scored a mere 3-star safety rating at the GNCAP Crash Test. The MG ZS-ev was given a 5-star safety rating after it was tested by the GNCAP. Since the Astor is based on the same platform, we expect it to be just and solid and safe.

Skoda Kushaq
  1. Features

All of these SUVs are loaded to the brim with features. They all get digital driver’s displays, sunroofs, driving modes, etc. The German twins miss out on a few features like a large panoramic sunroof and electrically adjustable driver’s seats. The Astor takes 4 steps ahead with the option of Level-2 ADAS. It gets features like Auto-emergency braking, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. This is a segment-first! It also gets an AI assistant, which will keep you engaged when you’re stuck in traffic. Shockingly, the Astor misses out on an auto-dimming IRVM. It also misses out on ventilated seats, something the Koreans have been offering for quite some time now.

Kia Seltos X-Line
Kia Seltos X-Line
  1. Prices

MG Astor Hyundai Creta Kia Seltos Skoda Kushaq VW Taigun
Rs.9.78 Lakhs Rs.10.16 Lakhs Rs.9.95 Lakhs Rs.10.49 Lakhs Rs.10.49 Lakhs

All are starting prices, ex-showroom.

Here was a detailed comparison of the cars in one of India’s most competitive segments. In conclusion, we would like to say that each car drives neck to neck with its competitors. We would categorize the best ones as-

  1. Best Driving experience- VW Taigun/Skoda Kushaq and Kia Seltos GT
  2. Most Comfortable- Hyundai Creta
  3. Maximum Features- MG Astor
  4. Highest Safety- MG Astor
  5. Assured Reliability- Hyundai Creta

Let us know which one of these would be your pick

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  1. You missed out a sixth category of Value for money and that’s where Astor leaves its competition behind! Astor – 3, Creta – 2, Others – 1


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