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Audi GLOSA (Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory)

Can you imagine a world in which there is no traffic jam? Where traffic light information is available in your own car! And you only get green traffic signals on road? Well, all this has been tuned into reality by Audi through GLOSA. So here is a detailed article about Audi GLOSA (Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory).

Smart Traffic Lights
Smart Traffic Lights

What is Audi GLOSA?

Audi makers developed TLI(Traffic light Information) system to provide its driver with information about the red light countdown. It provided drivers with traffic light pattern information and helped to predict how long will it take the traffic signal ahead to turn green.

Now it has added one more feature to its Traffic Light Information system GLOSA or Audi GLOSA. GLOSA stands for Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory. It helps Audi driver to reach the traffic light when they turn green.

History Of Audi GLOSA

Audi of America was the first carmaker to introduce a Traffic Light Information service to its users in August 2016. It had a partnership with Traffic Technology Services for connected and automated vehicle applications. In 2019 another feature, GLOSA, have been added to TLI

Initially, the TLI feature was available in a few of the models in 2017 like the Audi Q7, A4, and A4 models. Presently it is offered in all Audi Q3, Q&, Q8, A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8 models. Audi’s new Audi e-tron also has this.

Key Features of Audi GLOSA


Audi GLOSA is an added feature of the TLI system. Traffic light Information system was developed to improve traffic on roads and reduce congestion. Its key features are :

#1. GLOSA – Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory. It suggests the Audi driver, the ideal speed, to catch a green signal. It uses traffic signal information and the current position of the vehicle to provide an estimated speed to pass through the traffic signal during a green interval.

#2. Time-To-Green – It provides a timer on the dashboard about the expected time the traffic signal will take to turn green.

Technology Used

Audi GLOSA works using Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (v2V) technology. Because of this, the vehicle communicates with the traffic signals and other surrounding vehicles to predict the speed of the automobile to reach the green signal. Audi GLOSA uses complex algorithms to predict the traffic ahead. It uses data from three sources to show its results:

  1. control program of traffic signals
  2. real-time data from traffic computer
  3. data from road-occupation cameras and detection strips on the road surface

With improvements in The machine learning algorithms, and learning the pattern and way traffic changes from morning to night more effective data would be available, Hence GLOSA efficiency is expected to improve in the future.

Impact of Audi GLOSA

  • Speed recommendation to minimize stops. It suggests an ideal speed to reach the traffic signal when it is green. Audi drivers know in advance when traffic lights will turn green.
  • Green Wave – Audi driver has information of 150 traffic lights on his dashboard. This increases their probability of passing through the traffic signal smoothly without the need to stop.
  • Increases safety, convenience, and efficiency of traffic on roads.
  • Avoid red lights and hit green lights multiple times.
  • Less stoppage means less stress on roads.
  • Increases fuel efficiency and decreases travel time.
  • Reduce road rage as smooth traffic helps to reduce anxiety among drivers.
  • Optimize city traffic.
  • GLOSA is expected to play a vital role in the development of driverless vehicles in future

Audi GLOSA CIties

The U.S. was the pioneer to implement this technology.  New York, San Fransico, and Los Angeles are a few cities where Audi driver enjoys the green wave. Ingolstadt became the first European city to follow it. The next one was Dusseldorf in Germany. Audi plans to network 450 out of 650 intersections in the city.

We can say as of now only a few cities enjoy the benefits of GLOSA. And only Audi drivers have the privilege of hassle-free driving. We wish that this green wave spreads to more cities and more brands of cars!

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