Auto crisis in India has been troubling the majority of the nation since quite long now. All of us have read multiple reports about the Indian auto sector’s slowdown. Fallen demands have lead to job losses and the plants had shut down operations too!

All the major Indian auto manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Tata and Mahindra had shut operations in their plants. We saw that the plants observed multiple “No-Production days”. Many workers also lost their jobs due to this auto crisis in India.

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To our surprise, a BJP MP doesn’t believe this. According to him, the auto crisis being portrayed is just a fake claim possibly raised by the opposition just to defame the political party. Virendra Singh Mast, a Lok Sabha MP said in the latest session that the traffic jams on the Indian roads are a proof that the auto industry is doing really well and there is nothing to worry about!  He further added, “There are 20 vehicles in one home, you never decide what should be the relation between consumer and production.”

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The Indian automobile industry has been suffering from a crisis from the past few months. All of us have seen the sales declining, the stocks piling up and auto manufacturers cutting production. The auto crisis in India doesn’t need a further explanation now as almost 15,000 jobs have been lost in the last quarter and multiple dealerships closed.

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Passenger vehicle sale rose for the first time in October, this year due to the festive push but that figure was a mere 0.28% only. This can’t do much benefit we suppose!

BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast
BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast

Virendra Singh Mast, BJP MP from Ballia thinks the auto crisis is a myth but the figures don’t support his opinion. 



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