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Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs BMW G 310 R: In which, one should invest ?

Both Bajaj Dominar 400 and BMW G 310 R are entry-level sportbikes, currently trending in the Indian sportbike market. Both bikes are suitable for beginner riders who want to start exploring high speeds without exposing their lives to higher risks, for which superbikes are known for. However, BMW G 310 R is priced at about ₹1,00,000 higher than Bajaj Dominar 400, still, both of the bikes somehow offer similar performance figures.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs BMW G 310 R | Dimensions

Dimensions Bajaj Dominar 400 BMW G 310 S
Length 2156 mm 2005 mm
Width 836 mm 820 mm
Height 1112 mm 1080 mm
Ground Clearance 157 mm 165 mm
Wheelbase 1453 mm 1380 mm
Fuel tank capacity 13 L 11 L
Weight 184 Kgs 158.5 Kgs
  • Dimensionally, BMW G 310 R is smaller in each( L X W X H ) aspect, in addition, it’s reverse inclined engine makes it’s wheelbase smaller too.
  • Although the difference in ground clearance is only 8 mm, still its an advantage on roads for BMW G 310 R.
  • Bajaj Dominar 400 houses a bigger fuel tank with a capacity of accomodating 2 L more fuel than BMW G 310 R.
  • BMW G 310 R is lighter in weight by 25.5 Kgs as compared to Bajaj Dominar 400, due to which it offers a good power to weight ratio.

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Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs BMW G 310 R | Engine Specifications

Specifications Bajaj Dominar 400 BMW G 310 R
Type Single cylinder, 4 Stroke, 4 Valve, DOHC, Liquid-cooled, Fuel injected, twin spark. Single cylinder, 4 Stroke, 4 Valve, DOHC, Liquid-cooled, Fuel injected, single spark ignition.
Displacement 373.3 cc 313 cc
Max. power 40 Ps@ 8650 RPM 34 Ps@ 9500 RPM
Max Torque 35 Nm@ 7000 RPM 28 Nm@ 7500 RPM
Clutch Wet, Multiplate, Slipper clutch Wet, Multiplate, Slipper clutch
Gearbox 6- speed, Manual 6- speed, Manual
Top speed 148 km/h 143 km/h
0-100 Acceleration 7.1 sec 7.5 sec

Bajaj Dominar400 Vs BMW G 310 R | Design

Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs BMW G 310 R
Bajaj Dominar 400 Vs BMW G 310 R
  • Both the bikes are unfaired and come from the naked sports segment.
  • Both bikes offer upside-down front forks and rear mono-shock as their suspension system.
  • A fully digital instrument console comes with both the bikes.
  • G 310 R has got lighter, yet stronger aluminium wheels on front and back, in place of bulky and weak alloy wheels of Dominar 400 which are prone to breaking even in accidents at low speeds.


According to my personal opinion, it is better to buy BMW G 310 R rather than buying Bajaj Dominar 400. Although Dominar 400 is cheaper than G 310 R by ₹1,00,000 which is a lot of money, it is weaker and bulkier than G 310 R which is simply undesirable in a sports bike, as sports bikes are made for high speeds and reliability. So, it’s better to buy a stronger, lighter sports bike for higher reliability and less damage to the bike and rider’s life in case any mishap occurs.

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Note: This is my personal opinion based on knowledge and experience with bikes till date, readers must test-ride and feel the ride quality of both the bikes before making any ownership decision.

Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar
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