Motorcycles, a machine that leads many hearts towards peace, or for some a means to reach the place which leads to disruption in peace. Well, you know if you know. Whatsoever be the case, a brand that has been prominent in this feat is Bajaj. There was a time when Bajaj and Kawasaki held hands together and launched Bajaj’s first cruiser, the Eliminator. This bike is what inspired the FLG cruiser, Avenger. Let’s take a look at what the cruiser offered.

2001: Bajaj-Kawasaki Eliminator Launched!

Engine Specifications: Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator

Engine 173.9cc Petrol
Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke
Power 15.4ps @8,500rpm
Torque 13.7Nm @7,500rpm
Transmission 5-speed Manual

The Eliminator was able to touch a top speed of 116kmph, good enough to cruise on a highway. With a lower ride height, it was not suitable for people above 6ft. But for those with heights less than 6, it was a beautiful bike. It was introduced at a starting price of ₹87,012 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). At the time of launch, it was the costliest bike in India.

People who owned this cruiser used to recite the build quality of the Eliminator and the comfortable ride quality. The suspension duties were carried by telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the front while shock absorbers and coil springs at the rear. Broad seat used to provide comfort for the driver as well as the pillion rider.

The electric start added to the comfort level, and engine used to start without hassle, every time.

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How was the run?

The Avenger has been a successful model and is still running. Avenger has been built taking inspiration from the Eliminator. But the market for the Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator was not that hot. The ones who had the money went for the bike but at the time it was launched, people were more inclined to spending more on a car rather than buying a costly bike. This bike was the last to sport the 175cc 4-stroke engine after which DTS-i engine took over.

What do you think about the Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator? Has the Avenger done justice to the initial cruiser? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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