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Bajaj & Their Outdated Line-Up Of Pulsars | Dire Need Of An Update?

Old is not always gold, especially when it comes to technology. An up to date person will be well aware that technology changes with every passing second. This applies to the automotive sector too. But there are motorcycle brands here in India those have a really outdated lineup. One such is the Bajaj Pulsar and family.

Bajaj introduced the pulsar back in 2001 with a 150cc engine and a 5-speed transmission and in 2003 came with the ‘Revolutionary DTSi technology’ which Bajaj still uses in its motorcycles. It was indeed an exceptional technology for the time, but is it justified in the latest gen pulsars? let’s have a look.

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Starting with the line-up. As of now (November 2020), Bajaj Pulsar has the following motorcycles.

Bajaj Pulsar 125

2020 Bajaj Pulsar 125
2020 Bajaj 125

Bajaj Pulsar 150

2020 Bajaj Pulsar 150
2020 Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bajaj Pulsar NS160

2020 Bajaj Pulsar NS160
2020 NS160

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

2020 Bajaj Pulsar NS200
2020 NS200

Bajaj Pulsar RS200

2020 Bajaj Pulsar 200RS
2020 200RS

Oh. Wait there are more

Bajaj Pulsar 180F

2020 Bajaj Pulsar 180F
2020 Bajaj 180F

Bajaj Pulsar 220F

2020 Bajaj Pulsar 220F
2020 Bajaj  220F

Bajaj Pulsar Line-up | Insights

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer is surprisingly doing well when it comes to sales, but should it be like this? Well, for the most part, the motorcycles are very outdated and use the components and technology of the last generation.

Engine | DTSi Technology

Bajaj DTS-i technology | Image Source
Bajaj DTS-i technology | Image Source (1)

Starting with the engine, the whole line up gets DTS-i technology. For those, who are not aware of this tech, it stands for Digital Twin Spark ignition.

As the name suggests, this is where the engine has 2 spark plugs for better ignition. Now the question comes,

Does it Affect Performance?

Well, yes and no. The engine has to be designed in such a way that it is able to utilize the twin spark in igniting the air and fuel mixture (propagating the flame front). Also, it is not necessary to have two or three spark plugs, to generate more power.

Will an engine with two or three spark plugs will be better than the one with a single spark plug?

Again, it all depends on how the engine is designed. More than one spark plugs sure, increase the low-end power and efficiency, but hampers the reliability of the engine. Long story short, the new modern engines do not require additional spark plugs especially the ones those have short-stroke engines.

For you to know, Royal Enfield also used to have a twin spark ignition, but after the implementation of BS4 norms, the 500CC motorcycles shifted to single spark and now after BS6 350cc motorcycles also shifted to single spark ignition. This was done without any major changes in the power and torque figures.

Overall Aesthetics

The motorcycle launched with the DTS-i technology in 2003 looked stunning for the time and it still remains the same. Here’s how.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 and 150
Bajaj Pulsar 150
2005 Pulsar 150

It was in 2005 when the motorcycle got an update. The Funny part is that the update is still the same and the Pulsar 125 and Pulsar 150 still is exactly the same. Okay, I get it, the colour scheme is different and that sums up the changes.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F and 180F
Bajaj Pulsar 220
2007 220F

Talking about the Pulsar 220F, it was introduced with electronic fuel injection, back in 2007. Like the Pulsar 150, the 220F is still is the exact same. Well, changing the colour and adding new paint schemes sure refreshes it but it still remains the same old 2007 motorcycle.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS 160NS
2012 Bajaj Pulsar NS200
2012 NS200 | Image Source (1)

Okay, moving on with the Pulsar 200NS it hit the Indian roads in 2012. It sure got the same engine as of the Duke 200 but was given the Bajaj’s DTSi touch. keeping that aside, the motorcycle shares the same chassis with same suspension and brakes that it came with back in 2012. The same is the case with the Bajaj Pulsar 200RS.

Final Verdict

Though the motorcycles from the Bajaj Pulsar lineup up do stack neck in neck with the competition, they lack finesse. Besides, the old motorcycles are less refined have more vibes and the chassis is old, is not designed for a specific purpose. Not in 2020, the competition like the TVS Apache 200 4V and Hero Xtreme 160R has come really far when it comes to technology and refinement. This is where Bajaj needs to up their game with a rigorous change in the Pulsar lineup.

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Let us know, what do you think of the Bajaj Pulsar lineup? Is it still worth it?

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.



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