Car maintenance can be a tricky job if you have a busy schedule and usually don’t get time to visit the workshop. Well, before we head out to the basic car DIYs, let us tell you that GoMechanic has brought all the car services to your fingertips. Just download the GoMechanic app, choose your car, choose the desired service and you are good to go! Coming back to the topic, today’s feature is for those who like to fix their machine themselves. Well, we don’t suggest doing major repair works as they need expertise. However, if you love your car, you can explore and do some minor tasks by yourself. Have a read.

  1. Tyre Rotation

    Basic Car DIYs
    Tyre Rotation

    This is the most simple job you can do by yourself. If this diagram seems to be tricky, we advise you not to read this article and just contact GoMechanic for any car service that you might need. Be it a simple job or a complex repair work, we’ve got you covered. Talking of basic car DIYs, you can rotate your tyres by yourself and we recommend doing this every 5000kms. You just need good quality jack stands for this. If you have got a pair of jack stands, you can easily rotate your car’s tyres by yourself. Just follow the diagram above.

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  2. Lubricating Window Tracks

    Basic Car DIYs
    Window Tracks

    Your car’s window tracks might trap dust particles over time which can result in your windows being slow in climbing up. This can make the motor do some extra work due to which they might wear out earlier than they were meant to be. The best way out is to lubricate the tracks regularly. If you do this quite often, you can be sure that your power window assembly will work fine for long.

  3. Checking your Air Filter

    CNG Car maintenance Tips
    Air Filter Replacement

    You can access your car’s air filter by simply unlocking a pair of clamps under your hood. Refer to your car’s owner’s manual to find where the air filter is situated. Simply unlock and see the condition of your car’s air filter. If it’s dirty, you definitely need a replacement. If you are not confident enough to replace the filter yourself, don’t hesitate and give us a call!

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  4. Maintaining Tyre Pressure

    Essential Car Tools
    Tyre Inflator

    Basic car DIYs also include keeping your tyre’s air pressure at the normal. With GoMechanic’s handheld tyre inflator, you can keep a check on your car’s tyre air pressure very easily. You can buy this tyre inflator here. Using this, you can have your car’s tyres at the normal air pressure and increase their life manifolds.

  5. Interior Vacuum Cleaning

    Car Accesories
    Vacuum Cleaner

    Keeping your car clean is another one among the simple and basic car DIYs. Cleanliness should be the top priority in the current times and our cars have definitely got some hard-to-reach places which are not possible for us to clean with our hands. GoMechanic’s vacuum cleaner can help you have a clean car interior without facing any hassle. You can get yourself a Vacuum cleaner from here.

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  6. Checking the coolant level

    essential car services
    Car Coolant

    Coolant is one of the most essential car fluids and the coolant level needs to be normal. Just open your car’s hood and have a look at the coolant reservoir. Don’t just refill your car’s coolant unnecessarily before you get it checked at a GoMechanic workshop near you. This is because, at times, it is important to get your coolant flushed and replaced. Be an aware car owner. Keep a check on your car’s radiator and notice any signs of leakage. ALERT! Don’t open your radiator cap when the engine is hot.

  7. Checking the engine oil

    Oil change | Engine Oil
    Oil change | Engine Oil

    The colour that you see above is the correct colour that your car should have. You just need to check your car’s dipstick at times and keep a check on your car’s engine oil. Generally, you should get your car’s engine oil changed every 10,000 kms. The darker your car’s engine oil becomes, the more you need to replace it.  Just like all other fluids, the engine oil also tends to leak sometimes. This is not at all a good sign. Checking the engine oil leak is really simple. Just get down below your car and notice if there is any seepage/leakage under the engine. In case you notice any leak, just download the GoMechanic App and let us handle the rest.

  8. Checking the brakes

    Common Car Noises
    Car Brake Pads

    Another important component that you need to keep a check on is the brake. The most simple check you can do is the brake oil. You should always ensure that your brake oil level is normal. Another check that you can give to your brakes is checking the pad. Ensure that you know how to open the brake pads because once you open it, you need to put it back into place to ensure that you can drive your car to the service station. You should check your car’s brake pads every 15-20k kms.

  9. Cleaning your headlights

    Hyundai Aura Headlights
    Hyundai Aura Headlights

    The most important component that helps you during night drives is your car’s headlight. You ought to ensure that your car’s headlights are in good shape and illuminate well. Keep a check on your car’s bulbs and read your owner’s manual to know how you can level your headlights. Just make sure that you don’t have to struggle during night drives. The best part, you can now get your car’s headlights replaced with GoMechanic to ensure smooth night drives.

  10. Checking the wiper blades

    Car Wipers
    Car Wipers

    Last but not least we have the wiper blades on our list of basic car DIYs. Wiper blades are also an essential part of your car which can highly affect your driving experience if they are not in the right shape. Just check your wiper blade’s rubber for any sign of wear or irregularity. If you feel your car’s wipers need to be replaced, don’t delay because worn-out wiper blades can even lead to scratches on your windshield.
    GoMechanic is now offering free wiper blades on every car service so that you don’t even have to check it anyhow.

These were the 10 basic car DIYs that each of you should know to keep your car in the best shape. While few tips require you to actually do something others just require to keep a check on your car to ensure that your car is in good shape and runs well throughout its life.

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