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10 Basic Features That Even The Cheapest Cars Should Have!

It’s 2021, and technology has come a long way. Cars today are heavily dressed with fancy features like a panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, keyless-go and many more. But there are a few essential features that are still ignored on low-budget cars. Here are 10 Basic features that even the cheapest cars should have. Listen up, manufacturers; this one is for you. 🙂

  1. Parcel Tray

A parcel tray is used for covering the boot space in a car. It is also used for temporarily keeping things or cosmetic items such as a pillow, a soft toy, etc. While most cars have a parcel tray on board, many cheaper cars don’t have it. This is very basic, which helps make the interior layout look much better and is not too expensive either!

  1. Rear USB Ports

Almost all cars have a phone charging outlet upfront, but not all have it for the rear seats. Well, we believe that rear passengers also deserve to charge up their phones when needed.

Wireless charging
Charging Port

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  1. Speed-Sensing Locks

Speed-Sensing locks automatically lock the car once it achieves a speed of 20KM/hr. This is a very basic security feature that many low-budget vehicles miss out on.

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  1. Electrically Adjustable ORVMs

Okay, this one is a little expensive to install, but hear us out. Electrical adjusts for the ORVMs are really really good to have in a car, and it ensures that the driver has a clear vision of what’s coming from behind. Sometimes when the manual mirrors are not adjusted, people just laze out of adjusting them, which is a safety risk.

Auto ORVMs

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  1. Day/Night Mirrors

Don’t you hate it when someone behind you is driving with their high-beam on, and it keeps pinching in your eye through the mirror? Well, a day-night mirror helps reduce the glare from these lights. While more expensive cars have an Auto-Dimming mirror, some have a manually dimming mirror. But some low-budget cars don’t have the dimming function at all, and this is a glaring omission.

Night driving tips
Auto-Dimming IRVM
  1. Boot Light

This is also a good to have, and not too expensive to install feature. A boot light can be very helpful when looking for things in your boot at night. This is not only missed on low-budget, but it is also a feature we find missing from many mid-range cars.

  1. Height Adjustable Seat

A height-adjustable seat gives the driver the option to choose his seating position according to his requirement. Doesn’t every driver deserve a comfortable driving position? We firmly believe so, and we urge manufacturers to offer a height-adjustable seat on EVERY CAR.

Adjustable Car Seat
Adjustable Car Seat
  1. Wheel Arch Cladding

This one is more of a cosmetic feature.  A wheel arch cladding helps in completing the car. It is something that you will not notice when it is there, but you’ll find it missing when it’s not. It should be a part of every car’s exterior.

  1. Adjustable Steering

In addition to point number 7, adjustable steerings are also something that every single car should have. We cannot stress enough on how vital the role of a driver’s posture is, especially on long drives.

Tilt-adjustable Steering
Tilt-adjustable Steering
  1. Powered Windows

We should go ahead, move on and say goodbye to manually rolling down windows, it’s 2021 after all. This is not 2004, when powered windows were a luxury feature, and we urge manufacturers to have all four windows powered.

Power Windows

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So here is a list of 10 basic features that even the cheapest cars should have. If you feel we missed out on some, please let us know in the comments section!

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