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7 Best Car Accessories You Can Buy Under ₹10,000

Modern-day vehicles are equipped with almost all kinds of luxuries and comforts. But there’s always room for something more. And that’s the idea on which car accessories markets thrive. Be it the need to give your vehicle a personal touch, or a desire to upgrade what’s already provided, accessories surely add to the charm of your beloved vehicle. So here are 7 cool accessories that you can buy for your vehicle for under ₹10,000.

  1. Coozo Seat Covers

    Autofoam Seat Covers
    Seat Covers // Image only for representation

    The first step to giving your vehicle a solid makeover is by changing your seat covers. There is no doubt that factory fitted might go well with the theme of the entire cabin, but when you get a chance to customise, everything becomes even more exciting. From black and beige to solid tans, there’s a lot to choose from.

    And with brands like Coozo, affordability isn’t a hurdle anymore. So make sure you check out the beautiful range of premium seat covers from Coozo on GoMechanic’s exclusive accessories portal.

  2. 7D Car Floor Mats

    7D Floor Mats
    7D Floor Mats

    For ages, car markers across the world have ignored the aesthesis of flooring onboard a vehicle. But with 7D Floor Mats, even your car floor can get a new life. Tailor-made to fit every corner of your car floor, 7D mats come with premium quality mat material that is sturdy and durable. Made with long-lasting stitch and high-grade leather, Go Mechanic’s 7D mats are convenient and affordable car accessories you can buy.

  3. Hylt Inflatable Car Bed

    Inflatable Car Bed // Only for representation

    The SUV segment is the most selling segment in the Indian automotive industry. A huge reason behind this is an SUV’s capabilities of being practical and adventurous. And with Hylt’s premium Car Bed, every journey you make can become even more memorable and relaxing.

    The Hylt Premium Car Bed is a compact inflatable car bed that can perfectly fit any standard SUV or sedan. Made with high-grade PVC material, the Hylt Car Bed can turn the rear seat of your SUV/Sedan into a mini sofa, so that you can relax amidst every beautiful journey. No wonder the Hylt Car Bed is one of the hottest car accessories.

    GoMechanic Accessories
    GoMechanic Accessories
  4. Complete Audio Setup

    GoMechanic Speakers
    GoMechanic Speakers

    Music is an absolute saviour when it comes to driving through long traffic jams and never-ending queues. But the key to having a great music experience depends on the audio setup your vehicle has. If you are a true music buff, upgrading your car’s audio setup could be one of your life’s best investments. With a wide range of Speakers, Tweeters and Bass Tubes to choose from, at Go Mechanic Accessories, you are sure to find an upgrade that suits you.

  5. Car Air Purifiers

    With Coronavirus taking over lives, one thing we’ve definitely learned is the importance of breathing clean air. And this is just one of the many reasons why you should invest in an air purifier. Coming back to actually investing in one, the GoMechanic Air Purifier is surely a perfect pick. Equipped with a HEPA filter, this device can filter out all major impurities and bacteria to give your car a free flow of fresh and healthy air. Covering an area of 20 sq. ft, the Go Mechanic Air Purifier one of the smartest car accessories to buy.

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  6. LED Headlights

    LED headlight bulb
    LED headlight bulb

    Another great car accessory, that you can definitely consider, are LED headlight lamps from Blaupunkt. These high-quality LEDs come with a colour temperature of 6,000K. An easy fit for holders such as H1, H3, H7, H4, H11, 9005, 9006 and H27, these LED headlights have high and low beam built-in. With a far superior throw of cool white LED, the Blaupunkt LEDs could be the best pick to upgrade your headlights.

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  7. Car Cleaning Accessories

    Car Cover
    Car Cover

    Last but definitely not least, the best way to start investing in car accessories is by purchasing cleaning and maintenance accessories. From polishes, waxes and dusters to car covers and vacuum cleaners, the GoMechanic Accessories portal has everything you’ll ever need. And with attractive discounts, you can simply keep adding on to your cart. You can start with the Go Drift Microfiber cloth for basic cleaning, then move on to the 3M Car Shampoo. You can also pick the GoMechanic car care cover and protect your vehicle from dust, sunlight and unwanted particles.

    So these were 7 cool car accessories that you can buy for under 10,000. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog for everything automotive. And head on to the GoMechanic Accessories portal for all your accessory needs.

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  1. I was in urgent need of few accessories for my maruti suzuki Altto so i went to Sai Service where it was not available at that moment but they committed to deliver it to my house within 48 hours. I’m happy with the service.


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