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Looking For Best Car Seat Covers 2022? Watch This Video First!

It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new car or a trusty decade-old beater; seat covers are essential to protect the investments and renew it if it looks old and abused. It is one of the most budget-friendly modifications you can make to your car. 

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According to a Driving Habits Survey conducted by the Ford Motor Company across 5 Asia Pacific countries, Indians spend almost 12 to 20 hours per week behind the steering wheel. Now, if you are spending that much time inside your car, the seating sure deserves some pampering. The video explains the different types of seat covers, the best choice for you, and what makes them so important.

There are wide varieties of seat covers, but seat covers are primary classified into three categories:

  • Fabric Seat Cover

    As the name suggests, they are made up of fabric. They don’t get too cold or hot during weather changes but are hard to clean when dirty. You might have noticed those patches on seat fabric seat covers.

  • PU Leather Seat Cover/Leatherette

    Is a type of synthetic leather and is most prevalent in demand. They are waterproof and easy to maintain. They come in n number of designs to match your personality

  • Pure Leather Seat Cover

    One of the most expensive types of material if your account has several digits. Nothing comes close to it in terms of comfort and elegance, but what about those animals who get killed in the process?

To cover or not to cover, that’s one crucial question. To help you decide, let us talk about some advantages of car seat covers.

  • Seat Covers Offer Protection

    Seat covers protect your OEM seats and keep them like new for many years to come. Spillage of food and drinks can’t be avoided in the car, and with seat cover, your problem-filled life becomes a little bit easier.

  • Saves On Maintenance

    Fabric seat covers can be removed and washed if they become filthy; PU leather seat covers can be easily wiped with a wet rag or good-quality seat cleaner.

  • UV Protection

    Cars are parked in the sun for a long time; seat covers prevent the fading by UV rays and keep them shining like new

  • Gives Your Car A New Look

    If you are unhappy with the OEM look or your seats have started to look like torn clothes, seat covers are the best way to personalise them. Car seat covers let you personalise your car according to your preferences. You can go for stylish, funky, pink, yellow purple, and it’s entirely your choice.

  • Maintains Resale Value

    If you take care of your car’s interior today, you’ll increase its resale value in the future. The better shape your car is in when you’re looking to trade it in or sell it, the more value you’ll get.

Investing in car seats covers have many advantages, from protection, customisation, aesthetics to resale value. So if you are looking for some new seat covers, GoMechanic is the place to be.

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Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!

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