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5 Best Monsoon Accessories You Can Buy Right Now!

There’s nothing better than enjoying the cool monsoon air and the gently drizzling rain on a late evening long drive. But that is rarely what we think about as monsoon approaches. Monsson is that time of the year we have to deal with murky flooded streets, musty car interiors and low visibility all over again. Don’t worry just yet though, with the correct choice of car accessories and the right amount of preparedness your monsoon rides can be a breeze. Here are the 5 best monsoon accessories you can buy right now!

  1. Prevento Car Body Cover

    Car Cover: a must have monsoon accessory
    Car Cover

    Monsoons cant be hard on your vehicle. The one car accessory you can not do without in the rainy season is a car cover. Any car cover can keep your vehicle safe from the rain. However, if you want a car cover that protects your vehicle from the high humidity level during the rainy season, we would recommend the Prevento Car Body cover. This body cover is a great investment since it also protects your car from harmful UV rays throughout the year.

  2. Car air purifier 

    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier: best car accessory for monsoon
    GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier

    The humidity in the air during the rainy season may turn your car into a breeding ground for mould, and bacteria. Your car may also begin to smell musty as a result of the humidity. The GoMechanic’s Carbn C4 Purifier helps keep your car air clean and your car interiors fresh.
    Apart from keeping your car fresh, the Carbn C4 purifier can make your car safer in post-pandemic times. The purifier comes with a HEPA filter and activated carbon structures that remove 99% of PM2.5 particles, including Formaldehyde, bacteria, pollen, smoke, mould spores, dust, odour and pet dander.

  3. Anti Fog Membrane

    Monsoon car Accessories
    Anti-Fog Membrane

    If you don’t have an anti-fog membrane for your ORVM, we would recommend you get this monsoon accessory right now. Low visibility during monsoon is a top cause of accidents. The Go Mechanic anti-fog membrane takes a minute to attach but can make your monsoon rides much safer and more relaxing both for the one behind the wheels and the passengers.

  4. Rain repellent wax

    rain repellent: monsoon accessory
    Rain Repellent Wax

    Apart from ORVM visibility, windscreen visibility too gets distorted during heavy rainfall. The Turtle Wax Clear Vue Rain Repellent can help solve this problem. The product is a solvent-based glass treatment solution that forms a water-resistant layer on your glass and improves visibility during heavy rainfall.

  5. Floor mat 

    One way to keep your car interiors clean during the monsoon is getting washable floor mats. These car accessories are cheap and easily available. You can check out our wide variety of floormats here. Go Mechanic sells custom floormats that are designed to fit your car model perfectly.

    These five accessories should have you well prepared for the rains. Read our article on 12 Most Practical Monsoon Car Care Tips which are actually Useful for more tips and tricks to keep your cars in great condition.

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