Here Is Why Year End Can Be The Best Time To Buy A New Car?

Here Is Why Year End Can Be The Best Time To Buy A New Car?

After buying a new house, purchasing a new car is life’s most significant achievement in the Indian culture. But considering the times, it’s a little challenging to buy one. And for the most, it is the festive season to buy a new vehicle. Of course, it’s auspicious, but also, the festival multiplies the emotion’s in the celebration. But if you missed the festive season this year, worry not, cause year-end can also be a really good time to buy a new car. Here is why!

New cars
  • You Save Big

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    Yes, it’s true! When you buy a new vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, you’ll be saving big at the year-end. There are two sides to this coin. At this time, most of the dealerships have a considerable stock of cars from that year. Hence, dealers tend to sell them off at a considerably low price to make way for the following year’s model. Well, it isn’t exactly a low price, but instead, they provide exuberating discounts. Hence, before buying a vehicle at this time, do follow up with at least a couple of dealers for the best deals.

  • Additional Freebies

    Car Accessories / Freebies

    Along with huge discounts, dealerships also proffer innumerable freebies. These freebies can range anywhere from aesthetic accessories to free insurance. It all depends on how good are you at bargaining. The dealer can also offer a free extended warranty, which sounds mesmerising.

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  • It’s A Bargain

    Expected Price

    Most carmakers tend to launch a facelift or a new generation of their vehicle in Q1 of the year. This means there is another reason for the dealers to free up space in their yard for the new upcoming model. Moreover, even if the car manufacturer is not launching a new vehicle, there is always a slight price hike. Say, if a car costs ₹10.5 Lakhs in 2021, it may most ₹10.7 lakh- ₹10.8 lakh.

How can you push for exceptional deals?

Online car sales in India

Most people out in the market for a new vehicle tend to avoid buying at year-end. They fear that this might hamper the resale value. But at times, it’s better to go for the year-end model if there is either a huge discount or freebies associated with it.

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  • Keep in mind that dealers usually have set a monthly and yearly car sales target. Hence, this keeps the dealers at a disadvantage and can aid in better deals.
  • Make sure you do thorough research on the cars available at several dealerships. So, don’t forget to take quotations from different dealerships to secure a lifetime deal on your next vehicle.
  • At times, the carmaker also offer discounts on their models. So, stay updated and check the news and official website for offers.

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So, this is why buying a new vehicle at year-end can be a lot fruitful. Tell us in the comment section what do you think; when is the best time to buy a new car?

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