Bharat NCAP To Be Better Than Global Crash Test Norms?

Bharat NCAP To Be Better Than Globlal Crash Test Norms

Nitin Gadkari’s approval of Bharat NCAP is being welcomed by everyone in India. However, there are speculations also about, how it would be as compared to Global NCAP. In this article, we would simplify this concept and try to understand what it is and how it fares against GNCAP more closely.

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Purpose Of Bharat NCAP

The government’s main motto in introducing Bharat NCAP is to reduce road accidents and deaths by 50% by 2030. This is totally consumer-centric. Consumer safety is its first priority. This policy is designed according to the road conditions of India, so it meets the Indian road safety requirements.

Kia Carens Crash Test

This in turn will trigger healthy competition among automobile manufacturers to make safer cars in India. So demand and quality of automobile safety equipment are expected to rise. Consumers will have more safer cars to choose from!

Key features Of Bharat NCAP

  • Global NCAP would form the basis of Bharat NCAP. It will give ratings to the car in the form of stars. A maximum Five-star rating is proposed for the vehicles, on the basis of their performance during the crash tests.
  • The Key difference between the Bharat NCAP and Global NCAP is the car speed during the crash test. The Bharat NCAP car crash test speed would be 64 km/h, which is in line with GNACP which also has a speed of 64 km/h. Before this, all cars tested in India were done at 56 km/h, which made them eligible for sale in India, but later fared poorly in the GNCAP test.The crash testing will be done at India’s own in-house testing facilities.
  • Three-point seat belts, six airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are a few of the key features.
  • Global NCAP will test the safety of the automobile, on the basis of revised guidelines from July onwards.
  • The side impact test during the crash test is a salient addition to Bharat NCAP
  • It will be applicable to passenger vehicles having a maximum seating capacity of 8 and a weight of 3.5 tonnes.
  • It will test CNG and Electric Vehicles too. This will not be just limited to passive safety tests and internal combustion engines.
  • Pedestrian protection testing and child dummy dynamic crash testing would also be a part of it.

Better Than GNCAP?

India ultimately got its first new car assessment programme recently. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways draft has finally been approved by the government. Bharat NCAP will be taken care of by the Pune-based Central Institute Of Road Transport  (CIRT), a union Government undertaking. The policy should be implemented from April 1, 2023.

Overall, Bharat NCAP is an improvement over the GNCAP. It is being applauded by all sectors of society. India will finally witness safer automobiles and safer roads with its implementation!

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