Bike Taxis Ban in Delhi? The Truth Unfolded!

Bike Taxi Ban
Bike Taxi Ban

While all of us have been through the news that the capital city of India has banned all bike taxis, we took a deeper dive into the information and here is what we find out. The bike taxi ban in Delhi has outraged many netizens but the truth is the government has not changed anything this was always a very clear mention in the Motor vehicles Act 1988.

Rapido Bike Taxi

Well, companies like Rapido, Ola and Uber had riders who had privately registered bikes. With the bike taxi ban in Delhi, the government has instructed to ban all privately registered vehicles which were being used for commercial purposes. Well, this is the same in the case of cars too. A vehicle with a white number plate cannot be used for commercial purposes. Unfortunately true, these companies have been breaking the rules for a long period of time now.

Uber Bike Taxi

The notice from the transport department warns that if any of the ride-sharing companies continue to offer bike taxi services in Delhi, they’ll be fined Rs 5,000 for a first offence, and Rs 10,000 plus jail time for any subsequent offence. And the drivers will have their licenses suspended for three years! This is not all. Even the service provider will be fined Rs. 1 Lakh if they continue with such ride-sharing services as bike taxis.

Rapido has always been in the news for being in court multiple times. We agree this will be a massive hit to those who had made this a source of earning their livelihood but rules are rules friends! Hopefully, the government will put something forward in favour of the riders and the commuters. This is by far the most affordable means of taxi, no doubt and should ply on the roads but legally!



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