BMW Patents Electric Motorcycle Charging via Kickstand, Whoa!

BMW To revolutionise the charging using kickstand. But How!?!

The German automaker, BMW has always sought various methods to surprise people with their technology. This time, BMW has introduced a revolutionary charging system for motorcycles using wireless charging and that too with the help of sidekick stand of the motorcycle.

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  • BMW has filed a new patent which shows the innovative charging method. There is an illustration of the patent available.
BMW Patents Electric Motorcycle Charging via Kickstand, Whoa!
  • In the revolutionary system by BMW, it can be seen that there will be a charging pad on which the motorcycle’s kickstand will be placed. The pad seems to have an AC coil which is connected to a power source.
  • For the available electric vehicles at present, there are few ways the battery can be charged. One way is to plug-in a charger into the charging socket of the vehicle. The second option is to remove the battery, take it to a charging station, charge it and place it back.
  • The wireless charging by BMW through a kickstand will remove the need for any plug-in or removal. All you need to do is place the kickstand of the motorcycle on the pad and rest all will take place automatically.

How does it all work?

  • This is possible due to electromagnetic induction. When current is passed through the AC coil in the charging pad, an electromagnetic field is set up. This field is used to transfer energy, which in this case is electric energy. But why BMW chose kickstand over other parts of the motorcycle? 
BMW Patents Electric Motorcycle Charging via Kickstand, Whoa!
  • The electromagnetic induction depends upon the distance between the objects. Decreasing the distance results in faster induction. This is the reason BMW chose a kickstand as it is made up of a good conductor and is the closest possible part to the AC charging pad on a motorcycle.

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This type of technology is already used while charging of mobile phones wirelessly. We’ll have to see what future beholds for this technology by BMW if it comes to play.