Harley Davidson has been the favourite bike brand for all the bike lovers. The American motorcycle brand has been here since long and many celebrities have preferred it as their personal motorcycle brand. In today’s Sunday featured, we take you to Bollywood’s garages once again. This time, we will see Bollywood celebrities who own a Harley Davidson. Till now we have made you read about the celebrities who are car lovers and own some exotic beauties inside their garages. This time, we take you on a ride where we see our favourite celebs riding Harley Davidsons! There’s no wrong in saying that it’s not a bike, its an emotion! Let’s have a look at the bike lovers in B-Town.

  1. Shahid Kapoor

    Shahid Kapoor
    Shahid Kapoor Harley Davidson | Source

    Sasha is known for being a bike lover. He was seen roaming on the streets of Bombay on his Harley Davidson Fatboy many times until he bought some BMW bikes which replaced his daily ride. There’s nothing to feel sad. Fatboy still resides inside his garage and is occasionally used by him too. This blue coloured bike is an absolute delight for all the automotive enthusiasts and all the Shahid Kapoor lovers as well!

  2. Sanjay Dutt

    Sanjay Dutt Harley Davidson
    Sanjay Dutt Harley Davidson | Source

    Baba is known to have many expensive luxuries. If you haven’t read our previous article on his cars, you are definitely missing out on something good. We suppose blue Harley Davidsons are really popular in B-Town, just like Shahid Kapoor, Sanju Baba also owns a blue coloured Harley Davidson Fatboy. Shah Rukh Khan also gifted him a Triumph recently.

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  3. Rajkumar Rao

    Rajkumar Rao Harley Davidson
    Rajkumar Rao Harley Davidson | Source

    Another successful celeb in Bollywood. Rajkumar Rao has successfully delivered many hits and is surely experiencing fast growth. Rajkumar Rao also owns a Harley Davidson Fat Bob Cruiser. He started riding bikes by sharing his brother’s Pulsar and later on got an Avenger. His success now speaks in the form of this expensive Harley Davidson Motorcycle that he owns! We wish him luck for the future!

  4. Siddharth Malhotra

    Sidharth Malhotra Harley Davidson
    Siddharth Malhotra | Source

    The ‘Student of the Year’ debutant has been spotted riding many expensive luxury bikes on the streets of Mumbai. Siddharth is also among the Bollywood celebrities owning Harley Davidson. He owns a Harley Davidson Fat Bob but it belongs to an older generation. A 1,585cc V-Twin engine powers the two-wheeler and generates around 126Nm torque! We guess specs don’t matter as long as he is riding the bike. It’s an absolute delight to see!

  5. Saif Ali Khan

    Saif Ali Khan Harley Davidson
    Saif Ali Khan Harley Davidson | Source

    Bollywood’s Nawab has got many expensive cars inside his garage! Along with those expensive cars, he also owns a Harley Davidson Iron 883. Saif Ali Khan is well known to have a great taste for cars and bikes. We have covered his garage in our article too. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates before anyone else! Coming back to the bike, it has an 883 air-cooled engine and generates 70Nm of peak torque.

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  6. Abhishek Bachchan

    Amitabh Bachchan
    Abhishek Bachchan  | Source

    Shah Rukh Khan is known for gifting expensive things to his co-stars. The bike you see in the picture above was also gifted to Abhishek Bachchan by the one and only SRK. We haven’t seen Abhishek ride the bike often but spotted it inside their home’s parking lot when journos were capturing senior Bachchan in their lenses.

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  7. Arshad Warsi

    Arshad-Warsi  | Source

    Whether its ‘Circuit’ from Munna Bhai series or Jolly from Jolly LLB, Arshad Warsi has never failed to impress us from his acting skills. After successfully delivering flicks like Golmaal, Jolly LLB and many more on the big screen, Arshad bought himself a Harley Davidson Dyna. A 1.7-litre V-Twin engine powers this bike and generates 93 Nm of peak torque.

  8. Sohail Khan

    Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan | Source

    Salman Khan’s brother, Sohail Khan is known to be an active member of the biking community in Mumbai. He is seen riding his Harley Davidson Night rod special many times. In the latest Harley Davidson group ride, he was seen riding his beast with his son as the pillion rider. This Harley is powered by a 1,247cc, a liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that generates a maximum torque of 111 Nm.

  9. Ranbir Kapoor

    Ranbir Kapoor Harley Davidson
    Ranbir Kapoor

    Continuing our list of Bollywood celebrities and Harley Davidson, Ranbir Kapoor is finally here. No, we are not talking about the one you see in the picture. The picture is just there to clear the confusion that he rode this special edition Harley Davidson V-Rod in a song from the movie ‘Roy’. In real-life too, he owns many expensive cars and along with all those, resides a Harley Davidson Fatboy. Ranbir is often seen riding his red coloured Harley.

  10. MS Dhoni

    MS Dhoni | Source

    The last one on our list of Bollywood Celebrities and Harley Davidson is our favourite captain cool. We know he is not a Bollywood celebrity but seeing your own biography on the big screen is an achievement for sure. Dhoni is known in the biking community for his immense bike collection. Among all those bikes, there is a Harley Davidson Fatboy which he is usually seen riding on the roads of Ranchi.

This was all for today’s fun read. It feels great to read about the collection of celebrities whom we actually like. Why not share the joy? Share this article with your friends and let them also read our list of Bollywood celebrities who own a Harley Davidson!

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