Brake Rotor Replacement: Tips To Avoid Problems

Disc Rotor Replacement

Grinding or squealing noise while braking? Is the brake pedal pulsating, or the steering wheel is vibratingMost probably, the disc rotors are gone. Watch the video to know why and when you need to replace the brake rotors in your vehicle.

One of the most crucial components in braking is the brake disc, a metal plate attached to the vehicle’s axle. When the driver jabs the brake pedal, the brake pads press the metal plate, creating friction and eventually stopping the vehicle.

Like every mechanical component, the rotor has a limited life span. The rotors of your vehicle can last upto 50,000 to 80,000 kilometres. However, it also depends on your driving style for how many kilometres it will last. If the brake rotor is worn out, check the brake pads, and replace them if necessary. After many kilometres on the odometer, the disc will become warped, or they will have grooves on them. The disc pads will not have an even surface for optimum performance.

If you put new brake pads on a warped disc, they will not work as they are supposed to. A brake rotor is an expensive affair. However, there is a cheaper solution, and you can opt for brake rotor skimming if the damage is not extensive.

The disc rotor’s surface is renewed with a lathe machine’s help, and it can save you a lot of money. Brake rotors are replaced in pairs. If you choose front brake rotors, both front wheels will get new rotors. Keep one thing in mind; the new disc needs bedding for optimum performance. The bedding process involves putting a thin layer of brake material on the disc rotor, which will reduce vibration and squealing. Inspect and change the rotor timely to keep your vehicle in optimum condition.