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Brand Wise Sales Report | July 2022

After a terrible 2020 and somewhat okay 2021, the Indian automobile industry is gradually climbing. The number of cars sold is increasing and so are the sales of battery electric vehicles. Hence, this has aided in the growth of the market, especially in 2022. That said, with another month over, here is how the carmakers did in July 2022.

Brands Sales Report July 2022

Manufacturer July 2022 July 2021 Growth
Maruti Suzuki 1,42,850 1,33,732 6.82%
Hyundai 50,500 48,042 5.12%
Tata 47,505 30,185 57.38%
Mahindra 28,053 21,046 33.29%
Kia 22,022 15,016 46.66%
Toyota 19,693 13,105 50.27%
Renault 7,128 9,787 -27.17%
Honda 6,784 6,055 12.04%
Skoda 4,447 3,080 44.38%
MG 4,013 4,225 -5.02%
  1. Maruti Suzuki – 1,42,850 Units

    The Maruti Suzuki Trust
    The Maruti Suzuki Trust

    As usual, in the pole position is India’s favourite carmaker, Maruti Suzuki. Well, Indians just love the way Maruti Suzuki manufactures its cars. Now with the entry of an updated iteration of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Baleno and entry of Grand Vitara, the sales number is expected to grow further.

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    That said, even in the top 10 cars sold in India, 60% of the cars are from this manufacturer. All in all, in July 2022, Maruti Suzuki sold 1,42,850 units of cars. These numbers are about 6% more when compared to July 2021, when the company sold 1,33,732 units of cars.

  2. Hyundai – 50,550 Units

    Coronavirus Lockdown: Hyundai Extends Warranty Periods

    The battle for second place is still going on, month over month. And this time, it is the Hyundai that has taken the market by about 3000units of cars. In July 2022, Hyundai India sold 50,550 units of cars in the country.

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    Additionally, Hyundai performed better last month than in July 2021. In July last year, Hyundai sold 48,042 units of cars, which is about 5% lower than compared 2022. Owing to the updated Hyundai Venue and the upcoming facelift of Creta, the sales numbers are anticipated to increase.

  3. Tata – 47,505 Units

    Tata Motors
    Tata Motors

    Taking the fight close to Hyundai, in the third spot is Tata Motors. Last month the Indian car manufacturer sold 47,505 units of cars, just a little shy of the second spot. That said, because of the product portfolio, which comprises some of the safest cars in India, Tata is doing really well.

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    Well, the sales numbers are significantly higher than in July 2021. From last year, the company recorded a Year-on-Year growth of a whopping 57% last month, with figures in July 2021 standing at 30,185.

  4. Mahindra – 28,053 units

    Mahindra Logo Change
    Mahindra New Logo

    Next up is another Indian car manufacturer, Mahindra, which sold 28,053 units in July 2022. Not that, Mahindra can sell more cars, it’s just the company likes to keep its buyers waiting and let them get excited enough. If that even works.

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    Additionally, because of the company’s updated SUV line-up, Mahindra is getting a tremendous response. Comparing the numbers from last year, the company recorded a year-on-year gain of 33%. In July 2021, Mahindra sold 21,046 units of SUVs.

  5. Kia – 22,022 Units

    Unique things in Kia Cars
    Unique things in Kia Cars

    Taking the 5th spot we have another Korean carmaker, Kia. The carmaker since its inception in India is doing rather well, considering not many international carmakers can survive in India.

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    Well, in July 2022, Kia sold a total of 22,022 units of cars in the country. These numbers are about 46% over when compared to July 2021, when the company sold 15,016 cars.

  6. Toyota – 19,693 Units

    2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander Limited Edition
    2022 Toyota Fortuner Commander Limited Edition

    The next car maker is Toyota, which still holds a decent market share in the country. Last month, Toyota sold 19,693 units of cars. Also, as Toyota and Suzuki have a partnership, both are working in tandem to make superior products.

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    That said, with the entry of new cars from Toyota, we do expect the sales number of the company to go high. That said, in July 2021, Toyota sold 13,105 units, 50% lower than in 2022.

  7. Renault – 7,128 Units

    9 pseudo SUVs in India
    Renault Kiger

    Despite some new launches and decent aftersales service, Nissan is not able to gain traction as it used to. In July 2021, Renault sold 9,787 units of cars in the country. And last month the number fell to just 7,128 units.

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    This is a year-on-year decrease of nearly 27%. That said, as of now, the carmaker offers multiple cars in its portfolio, that includes, Renault Kiger, Renault Triber, and Renault Kwid. Sadly the iconic Renault Duster was discontinued in the first quarter of 2022.

  8. Honda – 6,784 Units

    2020 Honda City
    2020 Honda City

    We expected Honda to be at least in the top 5. Sitting at 8th place, Honda is struggling with the Indian carmaker with just 6,784 units of cars sold in July 2022. Although the number of cars sold did increase when compared to the same month last year, the increase is not that significant.

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    That said, as of now the best-selling car in the company’s portfolio is the Honda City. Also, the carmaker is planning to launch multiple cars in India to gran momentum that it lost over the years.

  9. Skoda – 4,447 Units

    Skoda Kushaq
    Skoda Kushaq

    After the launch of the made-in-India cars, the Skoda Kushaq and Slavia, the sales numbers of the company are relatively higher when compared to last year. In July 2022, Skoda sold 4,447 units of cars which is about 44% higher than what the company sold in July last year. Owing to the launch of multiple models in India, the carmaker is expected to gain more traction with time.

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  10. MG – 4,013 Units

    MG Astor
    MG Astor

    The British-owned Chinese carmaker is another company that is really struggling. At first, with the launch of MG Hector, the company got a lot of eyeballs and the buyers did give the MG required attention.

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    But after a while, the sales numbers plummetted significantly. Nevertheless, in July 2022, MG sold 4,013 units of cars versus 4,225 units in July 2021. This is a decrease of about 5%.

  11. Nissan – 3,667 Units

    Nissan Magnite 10,000 production milestone
    Nissan Magnite 10,000 production milestone

    The French carmaker Renault and the Japanese carmaker Nissan are working together to research and develop cars specifically for India. On the Nissan’s side, it is the Magnite. Additionally, it is the magnite that helped the company with increased car sales.

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    However, it is expected that due to higher waiting times, backfired. Hence in July 2022, Nissan sold 3,667 units of cars versus 4,259 units in July 2021. This is a decrease of 13.9%.

  12. Volkswagen – 2,915 Units

    Volkswagen Virtus| 5 Things To Know
    Volkswagen Virtus| 5 Things To Know

    Up next is the german carmaker, Volkswagen, which was outrun in terms of car sales by its subsidiary, Skoda. Volkswagen in India sold 2,915 units of cars last month. Because of the new offering, these numbers are better when compared to the sales month last year. Additionally, it is expected that with time, the carmaker will gain more traction as the cars from Volkswagen age really well.

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  13. Jeep – 1,150 Units

    New Jeep Compass
    New Jeep Compass

    The American carmaker owned by Stellantis doesn’t have a wide portfolio in India. However, with limited cars, it is targeting a niche market. Because of this, the sales number for Jeep has stayed relatively constant.

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    In July 2022, the company sold 1,150 units of cars which is 23% higher than compared July 2021. Also, last year in July the company sold 930 units of SUVs.

  14. Citroen – 575 Units

    Citroen C3
    Citroen C3

    Another French carmaker in India is the Citroen which recently made its debut in India with the Citroen C5 Aircross. Well, their first vehicle was expensive and people were not sure about the vehicle for one.

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    But with time, the carmaker did grab eyeballs and sold 575 units of cars in July 2022. However, in July 2021, Citroen sold only 40 units. Now with the entry of C3, the carmaker might get more buyers.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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