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August 2022 Brandwise Sales Report

New month, new targets and new reports. With August done and dusted, it’s time to have a look at how did the Indian automotive industry faired in the past month.

Brands Sales Report August 2022

Manufacturer August 2022 August 2021 Growth
Maruti Suzuki 1,34,166 1,03,187 30.02%
Hyundai 49,510 46,866 5.64%
Tata 47,166 28,018 68.34%
Mahindra 29,852 15,973 86.89%
Kia 22,322 16,750 33,27%
Toyota 14,959 12,772 17.12%
Honda 7,769 11,177 -30.49%
Renault  7,012 9,703 -27.73%
Skoda 4,222 3,829 10.26
MG 3,823 4,315 -11.40%
  1. Maruti Suzuki – 1,34,166 Units

    The Maruti Suzuki Trust
    The Maruti Suzuki Trust

    Still leading the industry with about 40.87% market share, Maruri Suzuki registered a sale of 1,34,166 units in the country. These numbers are 6.08% lower when compared to the July 2022 sales. However, in August 2021, the company sold 1,03,187 units of cars which indicated a Y-o-Y of about 30.02%.

  2. Hyundai – 49,510 Units

    Coronavirus Lockdown: Hyundai Extends Warranty Periods

    It is Hyundai that won the battle of second place from Tata with 49,510 units. Hyundai in August 2021 sold about 46,866 units of cars indicating a growth of 5.64%. But the company also registered a decline in car sales when compared to July 2022, in which the company sold 50,500 units of cars. Also, Hyundai Motor Company in India occupies a market share of 15.08%.

  3. Tata – 47,166 Units

    Tata Motors
    Tata Motors

    Up next, is the Indian automotive manufacturer that majorly focuses on the safety of its occupants, Tata. Tata Motors sold a total of 47,166 units of cars in August 2022 which depicts a yearly growth of a massive 68.34%. This also allows the company to have a marginally lower market share compared to Hyundai at 14.37%. Also, just like the top two companies, Tata too registered a decline in sales by 0.71% when compared to July 2022. In July 2022, the company sold 47,505 units of vehicles.

  4. Mahindra – 29,852 Units

    Mahindra Logo Change
    Mahindra New Logo

    Staying in the same spot from July 2022, to August 2022, Mahindra sold a total of 29,852 units of cars which is 6.14% higher than the previous month. Additionally, in August 2021, Mahindra sold 15,973 units of cars. Hence the company registered massive growth of 13,879 units or 86.89%. The sales numbers also enable the company to occupy a market share of 9.09%.

  5. Kia – 22,322 Units

    Kia Seltos X-Line
    Kia Seltos X-Line

    The other company from Korea in August 2022 sold a total of 22,322 units of cars in the country. Kia too registered a monthly growth of 1.36% as of July 2022, the company registered a sales figure of 22,022 units. Kia registered an increase in sales when compared to August 2021. Last year in the same month, Kia sold 16,750 units a difference of 5,572 units and a Y-O-Y of 33.27%. Also, the company has a market share of 6.80% in India.

  6. Toyota – 14,959 Units

    Toyota Hyryder

    The next car maker is Toyota, which still holds a decent market share of 4.56% in the country. In August 2022, Toyota sold 14,959 units of cars. Also, as Toyota and Suzuki have a partnership, both are working in tandem to make superior products. That said, Toyota is expected to launch various new products to gain market attention. Compared to August 2021, in 2022, the company registered a growth of 17.12%. However, from July 2022, the sales numbers decreased by 24.04% from 19,693 units.

  7. Honda – 7,769 Units

    2020 Honda City
    2020 Honda City

    Another Japanese carmaker that used to have a significant share in the Market Honda is slowly declining in sales. In August 2022, the company registered sales figures of 7,769 units about 30.49% lower compared to August 2021. However, the company registered a slight growth of 14.52% in car sales compared to July 2022.

  8. Renault – 7,012 Units

    Renault Arkana - Everything You Need To Know!
    Renault Arkana – Everything You Need To Know!

    Despite some new launches and decent aftersales service, Nissan is not able to gain traction as it used to. In August 2022, Renault registered sales of 7,012 units 1.63% lower than July 2022. In addition, compared to August 2021, the company registered a decline of a massive 27.73% when the car sold 9,703 Units. Also, currently Renault holds a market share of 2.14%.

  9. Skoda – 4,222 Units

    2022 Skoda Kodiaq / Image for representation only

    After the launch of the made-in-India cars, the Skoda Kushaq and Slavia, the sales numbers of the company are relatively higher when compared to last year. In August 2022, Skoda sold 4,222 units of cars which is about 10% higher than what the company sold in august last year. Owing to the launch of multiple models in India, the carmaker is expected to gain more traction with time.

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  10. MG – 3,823 Units

    MG Astor
    MG Astor

    The British-owned Chinese carmaker is another company that is really struggling. At first, with the launch of MG Hector, the company got a lot of eyeballs and the buyers did give MG the required attention. But after a while, the sales numbers plummetted significantly.

    More about the new MG Gloster Updated, Gets Minor Changes

    Nevertheless, in August 2022, MG sold 3,823 units of cars versus 4,315 units in August 2021. This is a decrease of about 11.4%. In addition, MG also registered a decline in monthly sales as in July 2022, the company sold 4,013 units of cars.

  11. Nissan – 3,283 Units

    Nissan Magnite Red Edition / August brandwise sales

    The French carmaker Renault and the Japanese carmaker Nissan are working together to research and develop cars specifically for India. On the Nissan’s side, it is the Magnite. Additionally, it is the Magnite that helped the company with increased car sales.

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    However, higher waiting times are always a downer and may hamper the sales numbers. Hence in August 2022, Nissan sold 3,283 units versus July 2022, when the company sold 3,667 units of cars. However, the company sold 2.31% more cars when compared to August 2021.

  12. Volkswagen – 2,052 Units

    Volkswagen Virtus Revealed In India
    Volkswagen Virtus / August brandwise sales

    Up next is the German carmaker, Volkswagen, which was outrun in terms of car sales by its subsidiary, Skoda. Volkswagen in India sold 2,052 units of cars in August 2022 whereas Volkswagen sold 2,915 units in July 2022. Because of the new offering, these numbers are better when compared to the sales month last year.

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    Additionally, it is expected that with time, the carmaker will gain more traction as the cars from Volkswagen age really well. But owing to the new car launched in a span of a year, the company registered a growth of 25.81% compared to August 2021.

  13. Jeep – 1,321 Units

    New Jeep Compass
    New Jeep Compass / August brandwise sales

    The American carmaker owned by Stellantis doesn’t have a wide portfolio in India. However, with limited cars, it is targeting a niche market. Because of this, the sales number for Jeep has stayed relatively constant.

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    In August 2022, the company sold 1,321 units registering a growth of 12.62% compared to August 2021. The company also registered a growth in monthly sales as it sold 1,150 units of cars in July 2022.

  14. Citroen – 850 Units

    Citroen C3
    Citroen C3 / August brandwise sales

    Another French carmaker in India is the Citroen which recently made its debut in India with the Citroen C5 Aircross. Well, their first vehicle was expensive and people were not sure about the vehicle for one.

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    But with time, the carmaker did grab eyeballs and sold 850 units of cars in August 2022 versus 575 units of cars in July 2022. However, in August 2021, Citroen sold only 50 units. Now with the entry of C3, the carmaker might get more buyers.

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